On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Are You Doing It Every 28 Days or So?

@rebecca@twitter I've only once had an issue with it, and this was back when I first started using it (like, maybe 5-ish years ago?) It came out on the guy's penis. I felt like I'd won a prize at the carnival--I got the ring around the bottle neck y'all! Otherwise I've never had an issue with it--I don't feel it, my man doesn't feel it, and it stays where it is supposed to stay,and for realsies I've been on this thing over half a decade. Maybe talk to your doctor and have them show you insertion methods? I have eight-year old hands (legit, tiniest hands, shortest fingers) and sometimes I really have to push to get the ring settled, but once it is in it stays put. Maybe give it another week or two to let it get settled; if it is in correctly you shouldn't feel it at all. I think ideally nothing else contraceptive and/or tampon wise should be in you with a Nuvaring; I have never had Nuvaring sex with a Diva Cup (is that like a diaphragm?) so maybe your vagina is just getting a little crowded with all the stuff in it (I just wanted to write the line "crowded vagina" really, but seriously that could be it...)?

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On Ask an Indelicate Question: How Are You Doing It Every 28 Days or So?

I'm sorry I need to chime in just out of curiosity...

Is it weird that my period doesn't make a ginormous mess? I'm on Nuvaring (no such thing as oversharing y'all!) and I have pretty light times. Neither my boyfriend nor I are into period sex, but I have a very fast period (3-5 days) and thanks to the holy birth control I can time it to happen in the middle of the week when we are (usually) too busy-fatigued to have sex anyways? So the weekends are FAIR GAME Y'ALL. Anyways, even before I went on BC I had light periods. Is this weird? Because the question above wasn't something I ever thought of, even when I was having period sex.

And yeah, sex with tampon in sounds like it could have a ton of medical issues involved...also ouch!

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On [Discount] Valentine's Day Basket

@maevemealone It perplexes me that people don't think it is a dog. I am not a dog owner or even a dog liker (I own two cats and I had enough horrible experiences with dogs as a kid to turn me off of them forever, also dogs are slobbery and offend my sense of personal space) but I am interested in genetics and so do a lot of reading on breeds and breed histories. The Pekingese has been around for over 2,000 years. It was the official dog of the Imperial Chinese Court. How can people say that a dog with such a distinguished, amazing history--that has been around for much longer than many breeds out there--is not a dog? I think Malachy is an adorable little Tribble with legs, and I will defend his doghood status! Um, also, how can you not love a dog with this sort of mythological origin story: "A lion and a marmoset fell in love. But the lion was too large. The lion went to the Buddha and told him of his woes. The Buddha allowed the lion to shrink down to the size of the marmoset. And the Pekingese was the result." Guh.

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On Notes on a Wonderful Genre: Rewatching the First Season of Downton Abbey

GOOD TIMING. I just watched the first two episodes last night. That was all true and real.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to BOO! With Your Allowance This Week

My house looks like this now. I love Halloween.

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On Save the Date, Durham: November 12

I think I can make it! I was hoping we'd have a Chapel Hill/Raleigh/Durham Hairpin Meet-Up! Consider this my RSVP.

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On Four Good Reasons to Donate Your Eggs & a Couple Dozen Reasons Not To

This is interesting because I was seriously considering doing this a little over two years ago. An acquaintance (I have no idea why she was looking at these things) pointed me to a Craigslist ad that has been posted by a Jewish couple. I fit their requirements 100%: weight, height, age, good SAT scores, in graduate school, good grades, both parents were Jewish (this was a MUST), no family history of disease, both parents healthy, etc. And they were offering a TON of money. I seriously considered it. However, I was getting parental support at the time and was also just starting a relationship that I felt pretty good about (we're still together, yay!) so I decided not to do it. Sometimes I wonder if that couple ever found their donor. I hope that they did, and I hope that they are happy!

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On Brent Spiner, Where Are You?

@oneneatcat Where is that available? Is it on Netflix? I so want to watch it. My boyfriend and I are marathoning Voyager right now, we're finally on the last season. We marathoned TNG and DS9 before that. I don't think we'll do Enterprise, however. I love Kate Mulgrew, she's so great.

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On The Third Weekly Generic Sondheim Friday Afternoon Post

Ungh I *love* that song so much. And that show.
So, if we are breaking the Sondheim and doing the Drowsy please do the big Monkey on a Pedestal lament number because it is hilarious. I am pro Sutton Foster EVERYTHING because she is such a nice, lovely, talented person. DO IT.

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On The Second Weekly Raúl Esparza Friday Afternoon Post

Saw this on Broadway, so good. I saw it alone and there was a big bearish queen sitting next to me. He wept through the whole thing. Raul Esparza is awesome and needs a Tony now. Sondheim Fridays yes please!

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