On Geek Love

@melis I went to highschool with her. She is pretty awesome.

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On Friday Open Thread

@frigwiggin I just signed up about 2 weeks ago, and I just sent my first letter out yesterday! I pray that CanadaPost is not as terrible with international mail as it usually is. Am very excited about future correspondence!

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On Friday Open Thread

@WhiskeySour While I am also open to suggestions for movies of this ilk from other 'pinners, here are some funny/quirky movies that I can think of off the top of my head.

Moonrise Kingdom (just saw this in theatre, and it was adorable)
Happy Go Lucky
Away We Go
In the Loop (if you like British Satire)
Midnight in Paris

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On Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

@cmonster Good call! I just came across them last week, and gaaah. It has been two years!! since the ex and I broke up, and that still gave me a twinge. But the song is so good that I can't stop listening to it.

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On Why Do We Still Live Here, in This Repulsive Town?

@Woman Laughing Alone With Boas Oh man, you are right on the money with those two. I will also add Amy Millan's "Baby I" to that list.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Women of Little Significance

@smartastic Seriously, what is with this tactic? Do they honestly think that you will suddenly, thanks to their insight, come to some grand realization about yourself and fall gratefully into their arms? Uh, no.

A guy at my local bar pulled this on my a couple months ago. When I declined to make out with him, he started saying that I was "just afraid." He then also upped the ante by telling me that he had seen me kissing a guy who works at the bar (the insinuation being that I was already kinda slutty so....) He then topped it off by dropping the c word. Amazing. I was too flabbergasted to do anything other than laugh.

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On The Brigitte Bardot Makeover

@Party Falcon. Ooh the hotel bar idea never occurred to me. Mostly I am just having some wine by myself at home and then get the genius idea to experiment with ALL THE MAKE-UP and then I end up at 9pm with no where to go, but about a metric ton of eye-liner on. Your idea sounds like so much more fun.

@everyone, I am also a member of the uncooked turkey complexion club, and seriously, the prospect of breaking out the shorts in a few months is kinda terrifying.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Laura Yan@twitter I am strongly in favour of drinking whiskey in bars and starting up conversations. I have met many interesting people this way. And some total weirdos, but hey. And this CAN lead to adventures that might make you feel less boring, but the often involve serious shameovers the next morning.

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On How the Internet Changed Solo Travel

@Pitch Blease GO! Paris is fantastic alone. Just walking by yourself is amazing - there is always something fascinating to look at. One of my favourite discoveries was this tiny tiny store on Ile de la Cite that just sold fancy jams, preserves and mustards. It was the size of a closet and floor to ceiling dark wood shelves and so old-world amazing. And the jam was really good!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Daisy Razor Loved that movie! Except for when it turned into a crazy slasher flick in the last 20 mins - I was really enjoying the psychological drama of long-term deep-space journeys!

Rose Byrne's character was the pilot. And seriously, how gorgeous is that woman?!

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