On Genitalia Slang From Better Homes and Gardens

Are we 12 now? Am I supposed to giggle and whisper in my best friend's ear?

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On Here Is Lorde's Birth Certificate

But...but...she looked so old at the Grammys...like Alanis Morissette-old.

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On Pineapple-Coconut-Quinoa Chickpea Muffins

I think what the commenters are trying to say is "No. Just, no."

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On You Are No Longer a Father to Me

@crosberg As others have already pointed out, it's not okay to victimize children, even if you're "only looking." Anyone who engages in such fantasies is contributing to an industry that exploits and harms children. That makes them morally and criminally culpable, even if they've never physically harmed a child in person.

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On You Are No Longer a Father to Me

@harebell To be clear, I'm not demanding the author take action against her father. I simply want people to know that possessing or downloading child pornography is a crime and if anyone finds him/herself in a similar situation, they absolutely can alert the authorities.

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On You Are No Longer a Father to Me

For anyone reading this who might need this information, it IS illegal to possess child pornography. Even if he didn't take the pictures himself, simply storing the files on his computer, receiving them as downloads, accessing them on websites etc is all illegal under federal law. You can report these things to local police and to your state attorney general. Again, just posting this in case anyone reading this article is in a similar situation and doesn't know what to do.

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On Ballerina Problems

I had that exact same set of ballerina stickers when I was little! I adored them and used them very judiciously. You were greatly loved if you received art from me graced with the green ballerina.

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On The Craving: One Woman's Salty Confession

@queenofbithynia Yea this made me really uncomfortable. I mean I totally get the weiner/sausage metaphor and how food=sex etc etc. But the repeated references to the horror of getting fat from one hot dog (really? Your jeans were tight after eating ONE hot dog??) made me feel really icky. The entire essay seems filled with fat-phobia. I'm really surprised to read this on the 'pin.

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On Ask a Jeweler: Shady Platinum, Sizing Up Your Rings, and the Case For Sapphires

@olivebee My engagement ring is also a sapphire in a platinum setting, with teeny tiny diamonds. We found it at an antique jewelery shop. I specifically wanted a vintage piece because they are unique, ethical and have a story and history. Mine came from an estate in New Orleans, which happens to be where my mother was born. Vintage and estate jewelers have such beautiful and unique pieces.

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On "A French Bulldog"

My fiance has ten brothers and sisters and 35 nieces and nephews. If they stay alive (read: don't kill each other) and stay talking, it'll be a festivus miracle! :)

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