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On Things Significantly Worse Than a Fight at the Roosevelt Island Garden Club

@Biketastrophy I would never say the mainstream comic book industry isn't gross and sexist (because it absolutely is) but the same site selling the "I need a hero" shirt also sells several more "girl power" ones (and some other weird romantic ones):


It's worth getting mad at stuff like this, but I think in this case it's pretty simplistic to say "This is all that's being offered women."

But true story: My friend's 8-year-old son was upset that Black Widow wasn't included on his Avengers T-shirt.

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On On Fear as the Mind-Killer

My mom, at about age 40, took up mountain biking. She doesn't do it much anymore, but she got pretty involved and suffered some cool injuries (nothing too drastic). And she loved it.

As soon as my helmet (of course!) gets here, I'm going to start skateboarding. (My existential crisis has manifested itself as wanting to be a 15-year-old boy. I don't know if I'm exactly scared, but I am prepared to fall off a lot.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money

@() Thanks for bringing that up because I was going to!

I decided to drop the affiliate links from my site (I still have them on an "about me" page but I no longer link to individual books). Of course, I wasn't making any money so it's not like it mattered, but it was important to me to support the local stores in my community (who've also done a lot to support me).

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On The Flying Tailor

Emi! I am so happy to see this here.

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On Comic Book Evolution

@kfizz Knowing their senses of humor, I think they were making a bit of a joke. It does sound a bit dismissive, sure, but I think it was meant in fun. (I was more put off by some of the comments about the revival of Heavy Metal-ish comics in the indie comics scene, but that's another matter.)

But you have to keep in mind, as great as these creators are, they do represent an older generation where there weren't as many women reading and making comics. Even in the short time I've been involved in the comics scene, I've seen a dramatic change in terms of the number of women reading and making comics. (And just about every teacher of sequential art I've heard from says their classes are predominantly female.)

So while these four creators are awesome and legendary, they're still just four creators. They don't represent the entirety of comics nor do I think that they believe they do. Comics are a big party and everyone's welcome.

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On Comic Book Evolution

@Probs: It was a really great year this year, although I didn't get to spend as much time out on the floor as I would've liked due to working. But it was good to catch up with some people I only get to see once a year, even if it was only for five minutes.

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On Comic Book Evolution

So I work on Small Press Expo. I encountered the Hernandez brothers in the elevator later into Friday night & they saw my badge and asked "Do we need badges to drink?" I thought "You two probably don't!" and suddenly realized I had drink tickets I wasn't going to use. So I happily handed them over.

Once I got back to my friend's hotel room, I recounted this story with a "You know I'm usually not like this, but I just totally had a fangirl moment ..."

Good times. Small Press Expo, I miss you ...

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On Happy Blue Moon

@KatnotCat I like Blue Moon in that I'll drink it as a last resort at a bar (... yes, I am one of those people) but that was basically my reaction. I think a caramel apple spice beer might be interesting in someone else's hands (not the same thing, but Bruery does a spiced maple beer & Southern Tier does a Creme Brulee stout) but knowing how it would end up tasting from Blue Moon ... bleh.

(But I've been delighted by fall beer season! Pumpkin beers forever! Just not from macrobreweries.)

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On "Scott Stapp in general."

I was about halfway through reading this when I realized that my brain has fused Creed and Nickelback together into one thing. I think I'm OK with that. My brain needs room for more important things.

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On Scrappy Advice Tuesday

My situation was kind of different because we were living his parents' basement (we moved in there because of financial issues and because we needed to get out of a crappy apartment). I spent a year there and felt pretty miserable and I needed to get out.

I moved out and around the corner and it was so much better. We still saw each other a lot and still did many things together. However, we did break up about a year and a half after I moved out (I wouldn't necessarily said moving out was the cause of that, though).

I think, honestly, it does depend on the circumstances. In my case, I just felt really stifled where we were and that wasn't about him. I would've been just as happy to have moved somewhere else with him (the reasons as to why he didn't move out to is another issue entirely).

Everyone's different. For some, it is absolutely the first step in a prolonged breakup. For others -- like me -- it was a decision they made to be good to themselves. But it will change your relationship. Whether or not it changes it for good or bad depends on what else is going on.

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