On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Notting Hill

That photo captures the exact scene that ruined the movie for me. He's wrapped up in his book, and she's staring off into space. You are married to a bookstore owner, shallow American actress, but just lie there gestating rather than doing anything that even remotely suggests that you have an interior life, like READING.

I also hate Love Actually with the white-hot fury of a thousand suns, so.

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On Baby Bear Gets Head Stuck in Cookie Jar, Panics, Climbs Tree With Head Still in Cookie Jar

Actually, it was an animal cracker jar:



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On Friggatriskaidekaphobia Cold Fruit Soup

Jessica Pan, I do a little chair dance when your name pops up in Feedly, but holy moly, does this sound disgusting. Have you tried Hungarian cold cherry soup?

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On Spin, Measure, Cut: Hobby Lobby and the Tangled Skein of Reproductive Rights

Thank you, Susan Schorn. This is lovely.

I have a stash of acrylic yarn that I'm slowly turning it into blankets for Project Linus. It came from an aunt who is (1) fortunately still with us but pretty much retired from detail-oriented crafts and (2) also a link in a chain of badass women TCB.

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On First-Ever Tramp Stamp Discovered

Help me out, young'uns -- isn't a tramp stamp always across the lower back?

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On How To Do Pull-Ups

@j-i-a Hear, hear! But good for you, Melinda, you badass.

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On Interview With My Mom, The Olympian Who Wasn't

@polka dots vs stripes Pocock! Founded 1911 ... so maybe Pocock is Ford and Vespoli is, like, Tesla? Anyhow, Vespoli, yay!

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On Interview With My Mom, The Olympian Who Wasn't

This is fantastic. Thanks, Laura! And Nancy, you sound like a remarkable person -- I can't even imagine having gone through this and not being even a little bitter.

Incidentally, non-rowing people, Vespoli is the bomb: "my father started his own company building boats" more or less = "my great-grandfather Henry Ford founded a car company."

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On The Last Sunday of the Year

This is so incredibly sweet, and Esther has so much goodwill built up, that it even warmed the tiny black chip of flint in my heart space.

Creativity works on its own calendar, and I hope yours and the Hairpin's sync up again soon. Happy Valentine's Day/Eve of Half-Price Candy Day!

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On New England States, Ranked By How Much They Are Contributing To The American Cause In Sochi

@HereKitty That was more of a "hey, you're not from VERMONT, are you?" comment, mostly because the tags absolutely slayed me. Good to know, though!

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