On Olympic Programming Break: Dogs

That last sentence suggests that Cruella de Vil is a Hairpin commenter, which ... might be interesting, actually. Maybe she could write a guest post!

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On New England States, Ranked By How Much They Are Contributing To The American Cause In Sochi

Emma! Where ya from?

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On Winter Survival: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday Cake

@nessy Coffee does that also, without smelling like old lady. (Not picking on you! I just really hate rosewater. It sounds so elegant and ladylike, and then ...)

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On Winter Survival: Laura Ingalls Wilder's Birthday Cake

This is wonderful and hilarious; thank you both for your public service. Gastrointestinally, this is probably as close as you can come to actually taking a bullet. Plus, your kitchen smells like someone's grandmother's powder room! (HATE rosewater.)

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On Surprise! We're All Going to the Super Bowl With This Dude and His Mom

@meatcute "What did you do, you two-legged monster? She's our Mom, too!"

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On My Beauty Regimen

Eagerly awaiting the next appearance of the IS JANE HU MARTHA STEWART??? tag. Seriously.

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On Martha, Martha, Martha

@Emma Carmichael Thank you very much. I have died of happiness and am now a ghost who will, of course, be following Martha Stewart around.

<3 you, Hairpin!

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On Martha, Martha, Martha

Please, I beg you, tell me that caption is real.

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On The Curious Case of Jennifer Weiner

THANK YOU, Jia, for helping me get my own nebulous thoughts about this piece organized. I found myself thinking that she would be a fun person to get a drink with ... and slowly realizing what the topic of conversation during said drink would most likely be.

Also, excellent tags.

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On The Penguins of Antarctica Are Keepers of an Ancient Diamond Hoard

Than penguin obviously Knows Things.

Also, how is "Kimberlite" not a really popular stripper name?

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