On Anna Fitzpatrick, What's Actually In Your Bag Right Now?

Loving the "IF YOU DON'T SHOW US" tag!

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On Women Real Tired of Your Shit in Art

Lili's been doing " ... in Art" posts since at least 2011 (as clicking on her byline reveals). How is that plagiarism?

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On Ask a (Terrifyingly) Clean Person: Oozing Gourds, Glue Mishaps and Food Coloring Woes

@lisaf I feel cleaner already!

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On Bill Cosby's Pound Cake

That profile was so weird; in the third-to-last paragraph the author finally gets around to mentioning that oh, by the way, "[a]t least four women" have accused Bill Cosby of sexual assault. WHAAAAT?

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On The Best Friends of Rom Com Heroines, In Order

@chrysopoeia Bonnie Hunt in "Return to Me," so great.

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On Ask a Fancy Person: Occasionless Gifts, Chemo Baldness at the Office, The "Thanks For the Birthday Wishes" Anomie

To weed out people who are reflexively issuing a generic post when they get a reminder, take your birthday off your Facebook profile. Presto! Messages, emails, etc. almost exclusively from people who like you enough to keep track on their own.

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Notting Hill

That photo captures the exact scene that ruined the movie for me. He's wrapped up in his book, and she's staring off into space. You are married to a bookstore owner, shallow American actress, but just lie there gestating rather than doing anything that even remotely suggests that you have an interior life, like READING.

I also hate Love Actually with the white-hot fury of a thousand suns, so.

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On Baby Bear Gets Head Stuck in Cookie Jar, Panics, Climbs Tree With Head Still in Cookie Jar

Actually, it was an animal cracker jar:



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On Friggatriskaidekaphobia Cold Fruit Soup

Jessica Pan, I do a little chair dance when your name pops up in Feedly, but holy moly, does this sound disgusting. Have you tried Hungarian cold cherry soup?

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On Spin, Measure, Cut: Hobby Lobby and the Tangled Skein of Reproductive Rights

Thank you, Susan Schorn. This is lovely.

I have a stash of acrylic yarn that I'm slowly turning it into blankets for Project Linus. It came from an aunt who is (1) fortunately still with us but pretty much retired from detail-oriented crafts and (2) also a link in a chain of badass women TCB.

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