I am made mostly of plastics and preservatives.

On The Other 5150

I hope the 5150 can help her. It makes me so angry. She's a person. She is sick. Celebrity gossip blogs delight in posting pictures of her looking strange and make catty jokes about her mental state.

Society has a big issue with the stigma on mental illness. Why would another person who is suffering seek help after seeing this kind of reaction from the general public?

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On And We're Back

I got my little sister drunk on champagne and we watched Rocky Horror with my husband and a few friends. It was pleasant :)

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On Friday Open Thread

I'm still unemployeed despite being told by a manager at a previous job that he has a job for me two weeks ago. Every time I call him to follow up on that, I get told that he's going to "get the ball rolling" on that position asap. It's been two weeks, man! What do you mean you haven't even started??

I'm still applying to every other job that looks at all interesting but UGH. Job hunting sucks. Being unfairly fired sucks. Having a college degree and heading right back to swing shifts in retail sucks.

Just fuck this shit, you know?

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On Who Will Save the Worms

@olivebee I also rescue worms (along with any creature happen across that I am able to help). I take any beneficial bugs outside my home rather than smash them (moths, crickets, certain types of spiders, etc) but I do kill roaches and ants. Having a soft spot for critters is not the issue.

What made me cry Manic Pixie Dreamgirl on this woman was the bratty way she forced her fiance to get out of bed and help her.

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On Who Will Save the Worms

@Quinn A@twitter Manic Puxie Dreamgirls will be the ruination of all women. Seriously, Manic Pizie Dreamgirls, stop it. It's annoying at best in movies and revolting in real life.

Realtalk: I recently may have refused to go out with a friend who showed up at my place in full on "punk" (scene, maybe? Is that what the 13 year old punks are wearing now??) Hello Kitty complete with pink streaks in her hair. I just... no....

There was a Jezebel article recently about this bullshit.

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On Friday Open Thread

@miss buenos aires (I'm 26, so past "early 20's". so there's that) I've both heard of and seen both of those movies. Seems like both would be pretty well-known even for being old? There are pop culture references to them all over the place.

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On Friday Open Thread

@All These fun things are delightful :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@charlesbois OH! But I've heard great things about Sacre Bleu from basically EVERYONE, I plan to pick it up after this :)

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On Friday Open Thread

@charlesbois I'm trying to get into Dreamcatcher by Stephen King. I've had it sitting around for like ten years, I feel sort of obligated. It's kind of arbitrary so far.

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On Friday Open Thread

Hi. I haven't been posting this month, I don't feel very witty or interesting lately. Did anyone do anything fun this week?

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