On Texts From the American Girls

@TheLetterL For some reason, Kirsten was like, the business amongst my peers and at school. Kirsten and her St Lucia headdress. Everyone had her, and if they didnt, they wanted her. I came of age in Pleasant Companys heyday too--none of this interchangeable heads and kicky striped T shirt just like me dolls for me--so I know from my American Girl hierarchy. And so I can tell you w/authority that I cannot comfort you when it comes to Molly. Even when she Saved the Day the stakes werent all THAT high. All I remember her doing, really, was not eating turnips until her mom got home in one book and probably she had a crisis involving a fabric shortage for her pantyhose or something too didnt she?

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On Texts From the American Girls

@LaurenF That is about what I came here to say, too. I had Felicity and Samantha, and we werent even THAT family (you know, the one with the girl who has all the dolls and all the accessories and like, the human size dresses for herself), but I got them! They had a bunch of knock off dresses made by some lady at a state fair booth though (they were actually very lovely and well made), so I guess I could have both dolls b/c my mom didnt get suckered on the accessories.
Eventually I got...someones (Samantha?) birthday set, w/all the little cakes and tea set and the fancy table and chairs. I think that was more for my mom b/c every year she would set them up in a beautiful Christmas tableau, until the year they were caught on film, mixed in w/the family photos, holding little tiny straws to their little tiny noses to inhale little tiny lines of powder off Samanthas dowager Grammas mahogany table. The family blamed me, but I...and I think you all too....know to blame Samantha, b/c which of us do you think it is more likely was the blowsy wannabe celebutante?

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On Rich People Quit Opiates Like This, Poor People Quit Opiates Like That

@Only does it to be popular I suppose these are the same women who were getting pregnant so that their welfare check would increase back in the 90s? They never did manage to catch one of those unicorns for us btw.

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On Rich People Quit Opiates Like This, Poor People Quit Opiates Like That

@Tropical Iceland My opinion is that Sub is best suited for people whose addiction is largely physical, more just a dependence really. Someone w/all the attendant addiction issues might need something to be addicted to while they do their recovery (methadone I mean), plus methadone junks up your enjoyment of other opiates once you are tolerant enough of it. I do not worry a lot about people finding out I have (had) substance abuse issues though, and shame and embarrassment--having to be seen at the clinic and all--is a serious hurdle blocking a lot of people from methadone treatment. Maybe your boyfriend is not totally ready to be on Subs yet....I think about them the way I do b/c they are firstly not supervised for diversion like w/a clinic and also the effect of them is like, say....Suboxone is like a cast and very effective painkiller for your broken leg but Methadone is like unbreaking it. If you are able to manage treatment independently then a cast and a painkiller is fine, you know? And it makes a big difference whether he has a doctor and a Rx, or if he is getting them off the street. Nothing is really changed if he is getting them off the street. There is no consistency to the dosing that way either, you never know when your guy will be out, and you are still putting all your money and energy to finding dope. I am not into meetings or the whole recovery literature/community stuff either, but sometimes you need something. A lot of former addicts are so religious b/c you do, you just need SOMETHING. It is okay to have a crutch, it has a negative connotation but there is no good reason for that. Maybe some of this is a new way to think about some of the things you have to go through w/him. I know, I have All The Feelings when it comes to dope addiction so I will go on if you want too.

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On Rich People Quit Opiates Like This, Poor People Quit Opiates Like That

All the barriers to treatment w/Suboxone are artificial. Buprenorphine is not new, or exotic, or hard to come by, but Suboxone is incredibly expensive. I think its something like 10.00 a pill (strip, whichever). Medicaid will actually pay for the Rx, but not w/out special paperwork. I notice the original article mentioned that. But most (all that I have encountered) doctors that can prescribe Suboxone do not accept Medicaid; it requires a few initial office visits back to back and they are expensive, the lowest price I heard was 1000.00 for induction (the first few days and your first month rx) so I do not know where the writer is located that she got her prices from. Even the methadone clinic will not accept Medicaid for Suboxone treatment. Maybe FL Medicaid will not pay for Suboxone treatment, is what it is. Locally, at least, pain management clinics and their narcotics are much more accessible and much more affordable. (Well, that is changing due to law enforcement trends and database monitoring, but you know what is taking its place in price and ease of access? Heroin! Way to track us all into compliance DEA). Suboxone, while it does carry w/it some withdrawal symptoms, is not nearly as physically addictive as methadone or oxycodone, and it is not a long term, recurring treatment. Of course it is only being made really available to those who can pay thousands of dollars to get to it, b/c there is just that one chance to get the cash for it. Methadone and oxy/dilaudid/patch/etc users can be billed to insurance every month for years and years, and even if it cannot--and plenty of times it cant b/c most pain managements do not accept insurance, but no matter--their users WILL figure out how to pay for it because there is such addiction, and it is a couple hundred bucks, not thousands.

I am of the belief that methadone works, and the addiction IS one of the reasons I think it works so well. The dependency, I should say b/c I only mean the physical aspect. You are sort of compelled to stick w/your methadone regimen, even if you are feeling demotivated, self destructive, or craving dope b/c you will be sick w/out it. And so you are forced to dose and stay clean and well enough to function for one more day. Conversely, you can skip your Suboxone for the day if you want to get high; once your methadone dose gets stable and you are acclimated to it you can really not get high at all no matter how many days you skip.

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On What Is White Wine Good For?

@rimy Yeah, that was actually a pretty good job. It was like 8 or 9 years ago though. I did all the prep work around background checks for those entering the ports, and you know it turns out that pretty much everyone in the world has been arrested at least once. And I remember having a loosely held together theory, that the heads were for researching a new Mad Cow-ish strain of disease. I think it was relevant to current events at the time.

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On What Is White Wine Good For?

@Tallulah B Aauughh....I used to have an admin job at a seaport, and one time the Coast Guard came in. They were expecting a shipment, and they were being REALLY SECRETIVE, and like, hovering around waiting for it. So I listened outside the door and you know what was in the box? Bison heads! JUST THE HEADS! And then they were to deliver them to the rendezvous point at the local university for......dissection? Shamanistic full headdresses? What? What did the University of Top Secret Nuclear Warhead Stuffed Bison Brains (ok, no. It was the University of South Florida) need all those heads for? I still dont know!

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On Things I Learned About Children on a Recent Flight Out of Orlando

@baked bean It is almost like, the opposite of weird to say Excuse Me to someone you bump into. Your coworker, thats whats weird

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On I Dreamed of Being a Plus-Sized J.C. Penney Catalog Model

@anachronistique incredulous open mouth, wild eyed smizing? Hand on one cheek, Home Alone style? Was that her? Bc that image is stuck w me from the back pages of Seventeens all throughout the 90s.

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On Brief Interview With a Tiger

@SarahP LIGERS are huuuuge. They are like, actually the size of a tiger AND a lion. It has something to do w/being a not entirely naturally occurring cross breed, but I am not sure what

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