By 14061190@twitter on Why I Have To Be So "Rude"

why is the dad Mitt Romney?!

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By LooseBaggyMonster on Life Lessons Learned From the Museum of Death

My first response is to think this is the kind of thing that seems really cool up until you experience the death of a loved one. But, on further reflection, this could be another way of grappling with the idea of death by curating it. Never would I give Charles Manson my address, though.

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By Reginal T. Squirge on Text Me Possibly

I like/miss phone calls, too! But I am also completely insane and an audiophile.

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By lethaltuesday on The 10 Other Reasons You Don't Have Abs

the first time i heard the expression "six pack" i was in seventh grade and i thought it meant beer belly. you know, like, you look like you just drank a six pack. the girl i sat next to in history was all "oh i just love guys with six packs" and in my head i was like, ew why? but it also sort of made sense to me because she was pretty trashy and seemed like the kind of girl who was going to end up with a guy with a giant beer belly.

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