On The Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg

@Megasus It's an institution in the UK. It comes in a tin with a drawing on the side of a dead lion with bees coming out of it.

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On Inward Futures

The boring stuff in literature is currently being tackled by one Tao Lin, king of the Gchats.

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On The Bourbon Taste Test

@funfetti Scotland blesses you for including the 'whisky' spelling.

Water is the way to go. At least it was in the whisky tasting society I belonged to at university. Oh, so many hazily remembered nights (and all for the £5 entry fee, back in 2001-2005).

Top tip for single malt: Bunnahamhain 18 year old.

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On The 'Walking Dead' Diaries

@Madeline Shoes Terrible and wonderful. No one else around me wants to watch it and talk about it. It's my secret shame.

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On The 'Walking Dead' Diaries

I love this. It's the best when you can find a show that you can be all exasperated over and still enjoy. My thing at the moment is Supernatural: I just lost the last month watching all of it. So many points where I muttered 'what, no. no. dumb. sexist and dumb.' and then a minute later 'this show is the most adorable, thank you for being in my life.'

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On "A Fairy Tale Is Not a Text"

I'm a huge fan of Traveller's Tales, which I read the heart out of when young. Stories of Selkies and the devil on his fiddle and cursed bannocks (a type of bun) and so on. HCA and Oscar Wilde get my love too, forever.

Also I'm so excited about fairytales because I wrote one and it's going to be featured in an e-book of them by small theatre company, Homespun, who put fairytales on stage for children. The stories are more adult though. Mine has Sith ('schie') in it. Traditional sort of devious Scottish spirit/fairy things.

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On Christmas Music From Sufjan Stevens, Tracey Thorn

@pekoe Are you from the UK? Because I can understand the resentment against WHAM! and Bandaid on a loop for a month. But otherwise, no complainin'. I worked in a Christmas shop in Edinburgh. 4 months of WHAM! Four. Months.

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On Christmas Music From Sufjan Stevens, Tracey Thorn

Is it okay to confess I enjoyed Zooey Deschanel's Christmas album? I also have a soft spot for the terribly-named Medieval Baebes' Christmas stuff. 'The Holly and the Ivy' is gorgeous.

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On All Vaguely-Russian Fall Collections Are Alike

Tolstoy's greatest aim in life was to have his epic novels of the human condition awkwardly transformed into a clothing line.

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On Ask Someone Who Recently Went to Rome

I taught at a summer school outside of Rome for a few weeks in 2003 and haven't been back to Italy since then. Why I ask myself. Then I remember, it's because you were too busy living in Sydney, living in Glasgow, getting degrees, teaching in Catalonia, living in NYC and then moving to Embra where brokeness hath been thy name ever since. Barring trips up Ben Lomond and a bothy in Wester Ross.

One day, I'll see Rome again (and take my husband along too. We haven't gone on honeymoon, really - though that will be to Bangladesh)

P.S. Everyone can go to Rome a million times because Rome is as Jane Marie said, layers deep. Go to Nero's house next time!

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