On What Is the Difference Between Mascara, Eye-Liner and Concealer? Six Philosophical Inquiries

Oh my god the Books section. I can hear the editorial meeting now. "Things we need for sure: Cocktail recipes, movies, celebrity tie-ins.. and something feminist-y. How about, 'Can men write women well?'"

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On Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy

@iceberg Vinegar pie in a book called Farmer Takes a Wife. Columns by a farmer in Maine who marries a nice Boston girl, first half of last century or so. She arrives unprepared to be a farm wife, and is expected (by husband's family, not husband himself) to jump right in, with pie every day. She retaliates by making a vinegar pie.

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On Every Meal Almanzo Eats in Laura Ingalls Wilder's Farmer Boy

LOVE THIS. I remember, reading Farmer Boy for the fiftieth time, reflecting that Almanzo came from this incredibly lavish Upstate NY lifestyle, and was having his little adventure in the territories, playing around with failed crops and claim shanties, and she'd already been on that ride for her entire childhood, and is ready to have some glass windows already. And he's regaling her with stories about shelves full of pie and having your own stabling at the church. Fuck this shit. Take me back there!

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On Lil Women: The Vlogs

Want to see the Shawl Haul.

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On The Over It Pie

@iceberg That. Right there. Because you are carbon-based, and being crushless is like having wings.

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On Alternate Theories to Explain the Greenwich Anteater's Immaculate Conception

Surely we can expect an interview with this subject. Does she have to be endangered?

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On An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

@MissT123 When my father was born, my grandfather gave my grandmother a diamond ring. When my mother had my brother, grandmother gave it to her. So it should have gone to my brother's wife when she had her male firstborn. But my mother said, more or less, "My mother-in-law was a bitch, so to hell with her cozy tradition," and I got the ring.

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On An E-Mail Announcement From the Proud New Mommy

When it's contemptible is when it's, "If he doesn't give me a nice piece of jewelry when the baby's born, I will fucking kill him."

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On I Don't Believe in Ghosts (So How Did the Empty Dog Kennel Break Down Our Door?)

Having experienced a particular person who was really into occult, and did not play fair with those of us who said hooey to the woo (though this person was not my own mother, for christ sake) I immediately think Mom was gaslighting her.

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On An Interview With My Mom

@electromotive force Yeah, shad roe's the kind of thing that stays hidden behind the counter and offered to special customers. So good. Only thing my father cooks. If my child made me shad roe for Mothers Day I'd die of joy.

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