On The Insecurity Pie

OK after a Google search on "period pancake fallopian," the person who wrote this defunct blog thinks that it was called "I Got It!" and was put out by Proctor and Gamble - which makes sense to me because it's based in Cincinnati and I grew up in SW Ohio. No luck searching YouTube so far. Come on, someone HAS to have uploaded this!

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On The Insecurity Pie

@Ladies Who Punch AHHH I logged in just to say that I watched this too, in 5th grade! Sometimes I think I made it up but glad that someone else across the internet remembers this.

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On Plans

My plans were drinking sparkling wine, eating bread and cheese, and watching TV with my SO. Semi-successful - until I fell asleep 20 minutes before midnight and he had to wake me up to kiss me. Promptly fell back asleep and had to drag myself up to bed after waking up with wine breath at 3:30 am.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

ctrl + f placenta

Am I really the first one to wonder if that was what the footstool is? And why Jane wanted us to mail her discounted placentas?

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On Lent Is Capitalized

@ilikemints I like this a lot! I was thinking of doing something similar... giving up making excuses. (Oh, I can't sweep the floor because... the broom is in the other room! I can't take that walk because... I need to make dinner!) It sounds kind of similar to giving up procrastinating, but I'm not calling it that because quitting the procrastination never works for me.

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On The Best Time I Was an Extra on Dawson's Creek

@wamanda No wayyy! Please write The Best Time I Was an Extra on Parks and Rec (and Ate All the Waffles and Whipped Cream)!

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On Emotional Bagcheck

@miwome Perfection! Tomorrow I will go and pick up a fever and maybe just one tiny cold, for later.

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On Emotional Bagcheck

@miwome "a secret store where you could go pick up a fever on those days when you want an excuse to do things like this, or just not go to work." This is what I needed this morning as I got ready for work! Someone please make this happen. And put one in my neighborhood.

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On Jolie, What's Actually in Your Handbag Right Now?

@sakade Ooh someone write this please!! Sometimes playing sports in high school, someone would need to use one to staunch nosebleeds, but that's boring.

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On What Dogs Want

@science is sexy@twitter I almost just squeed myself off the couch! Great Danes are my dream dog but right now my studio apartment will not permit one. :(

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