Forced myself to de-lurk when thehairpin.com got ranked higher than facebook and okcupid on my safari browser.

On Rihanna On My Mind: Chatting About the "Pour It Up" Video

Love the discussion of Nicki vs Rihanna -- they are similar, yet so different in so many ways, and I think y'all did a really good job of parsing out the differences between them. (Also having just finished Lean In, I totally see how Nicki is more of a "lean in" one-of-the-guys type girl)

Totally solidifying my love of Riri.

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On I Like Fat Chicks. Questions?

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On The Popularity Pie

@laurel @everyone

Oh my god I have been eating oatmeal wrong my whole life???? How did my parents not raise me correctly?!

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On Improving My Woman Cave

@Anna Weber@facebook I saw that commercial a few times, too! The first time I kind of stared at the TV mouth agape, and the second time I asked my mother "Are they saying... can women like football, too?" She and I are tired of borrowing jerseys from the rest of the family.

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On Why I'll Miss Bunheads: Because I'm a Mess, Too

Thanks for this post because now I spent a good portion of my night last night and my day today watching every episode of bunheads I could find. (something to make me feel like I'm not the biggest screw up! woohoo!)

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On Bottom Shelf Nail Polish Names

@JessicaLovejoy Also: Sriracha Peas is a great color name

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On Jason Collins in Sports Illustrated: "As I write this, I haven't come out to anyone in the NBA"

@de Pizan The official answer is: YEP. Women's sports are not major enough. Also I guess women's sexuality are already public property so it's not as ~cool~ or ~new~ or ~exciting~ when a woman comes out because... I don't know. Sexism.

And as much as a bummer as sexism can be, I really don't want to overshadow how wonderful it is that Jason Collins came out! The more the merrier, right?

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On What Made You a Feminist?

When I said my prayers aloud at night, I ended them with "a-women" rather than amen because I didn't see why I had to pray to a man. I was three or four years old.

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On The Actual Couple Seem Sweet and Funny

"The female model was styled in a sharp suit. She works as a top level executive and was recently engaged. She is extremely successful in her career, but also excited to be planning a wedding with her love. The male model was styled more casually. He works at a local startup and reads the Harvard Business Review so that he can stay on top of the ever changing startup environment."

......yeeeeeahhhhh, sure.

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On The Meatballs Do Help,Though

@teenie Mostly impressed by your story because you took apart and put together an ikea bed FIFTEEN TIMES?? You must have magic in you, that sounds so impossible.

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