I like to cook, drink cocktails, hang out with my cats and husband, read fantasy novels and victorian literature, and rant about feminist issues and sexuality.

By jule_b_sorry on Bless Us, Every One

@lovelettersinhell I still get annoyed when people call me Mrs. Hisname Hisname. It makes me feel creepily assimilated into the husband-borg instead of the equal partners I believe is to be. A friend recently sent her wedding invites to "Mrs. and Mr. Myfirst name Mylastname" b/c she knows it's a thing for me. I loved loved loved seeing the tables turned for once :D

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By @serenityfound on 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

@frigwiggin WINTER IS COMING.

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By Linette on What Is Amaranth

@lavender gooms That Wikipedia article is about to have an "in popular culture" section.

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By fondue with cheddar on The Rise and Fall of the Bathhouse

@iceberg Unless you're my boyfriend and you take a shower after the bath to wash the dirty bathwater off.

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By Tuna Surprise on Things Not to Do, According to Recent Articles of Note

I went to a top 10 law school, work in a job that pays well enough to pay off my loans and I still cannot shout it loud enough: DO NOT GO TO LAW SCHOOL.

I'm thinking my second career will be kidnapping prospective law students and keeping them in a cave until they snap out of it.

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By anachronistique on Ask a Jeweler

Who else spent a ton of time learning about minerals and gemstones after becoming a Sailor Moon fan? Just me?

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By supernintendochalmers on Ask the Non-Squalid

@iceberg That stings.

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By olivebee on Notes From a Cat Show in Madrid

@lovelettersinhell Your cats sound like my cats. But they're all (shedding, overweight, lazy, skittish) winners in [our] hearts!

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By pallasathena on New Burgers

Mushrooms made the most sense, so I thought it was definitely nut puree/yogurt - but only Greek yogurt, right? Or am I behind?

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By R&RKD on Can Bloody Marys Have It All?

Habanero tequila, to be optimal, I think. I've gotta take a day to make some.

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