On The Evolution of Miss Scarlet


I adored the idea of this game. I wanted it so bad, and for some reason I never got it. I loved mysteries even as a kid, and yet no one ever put it together to get me this (or a pony... a pony would also have been nice) for x-mas or birthdays... pity me.

Love the movie and watch it a few times a year now, but if anyone else is looking for something absurdist and mystery-ish, check out my #1 fave movie of all time (and the Clue the movie definitely reminded me of this one) Murder By Death - 1970s all star cast murder-mystery spoof.

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On "It Is Better to Have a Symptom than a Void Inside"

@fondue with cheddar You just made me choke on my drink and almost snort some up my nose... that is probably the best response to trolling I've seen in a long time. :D

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On Parliamentary Inquiry: When Do I Drop the Mic

I finally had to go to bed around 1:30. I was pretty sure it hadn't gone through, but there was the worry that the republicans would just ignore the time issue and pretend that everything was just fine and dandy.

HOW AWESOME WERE DAVIS AND VAN DE PUTTE??!!??? And major props to the other Dems that kept it going!!

I'm reading some of the local news comments, and the level of stupidity still takes my breath away. The idea that repubs are supposed to be for LESS government interference unless it's against their personal religious beliefs, and then it's all "murder and killing babies" and "sluts for getting pregnant anyway need to learn their lesson" and "but they better not go on welfare" - sometimes all in the same post... the disconnect with what is being discussed is so very scary. It is a very black and white world on the far right, isn't it? ~shuddering~

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

So some of the stuff I'm reading now said that they took a vote at 12:01, and are trying to say they started at 11:59... asshats!

And I should have been in bed a few hours ago, but i'm too keyed up to sleep now. :((

Live video feed just ended at 12:49 central time...

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

Okay, there is this saying that the filibuster DID work and the vote could not happen...
So maybe? Please?
WHY are the stupid news sites not updating this?!?? I am checking the top three in Houston even, and none of them have anything but old stuff from early in the evening!

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On Texas Senator Wendy Davis's Filibuster

OMG - what is happening now???
(I'm in Houston and I'm going to be even more ashamed that usual to be in Texas if that damned thing passes after Ms Davis heroic efforts)

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On Joseph Gordon-Levitt's Don Jon: You're Cute. I Like You.

I love him - he's an amazingly talented actor, and is one of those rare smart/talented people that doesn't seem like a huge juicebox...
I am so seeing this as soon as it's out.

@Bittersweet - I do that too! I AM INVISIBLE, AREN'T I? Oh the horror....

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On Thoughts Upon Receiving a Ludicrously Enormous Tip

I waited tables for a mom and pop place that was popular with the retirement set. The seemed to think that it was still the 1950s and tipped accordingly, but I was a high school student and didn't know any better (and no I wasn't lousy... often)
My other waitressing gig was at a Denny's. That was pure hell - horrible families not paying attention to their kids making huge messes (fingerpainting with syurp???WTH) and the late night college kids that would nurse a drink and share an order of fries between them and take up the table for hours and hours smoking clove cigarettes...but I still remember the really nice tips. I remember getting tipped in $2 bills, antique silver dollars, and the really great 30% or above ones just lighting up the rest of my shift and made the day so much less crappy.

Now, I always tip 20% for basic good service. If they're are excellent, I tip 50%. I tip 50% on anything below $20 too, as those poor people get the hardest to deal with (messes, kids, cranky folks, huge groups).

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On Bake-at-Home Babies: Embryo Adoption and Me


I'd have been thrilled with triplets, or twins or even a singleton. I've done 2 IVFs and not even a false positive. The doc is actually pretty puzzled with why it didn't work the second time, since on paper (stats, testing, response) everything was picture perfect until the embryos basically started tanking right before transfer. So just a reminder to all out there - IVF isn't a guaranteed take home baby either. I've got one more shot this fall, and then we're done and probably going to be dealing with the bitter/sad for many years to come.

I did like reading this, and was very happy for the outcome.

Embryo adoption was discussed during our IVF process, and in the mounds of paperwork you are filling out in preparation for the IVF procedure, they ask if you and your spouse want to dispose of, donate for in-house testing or put up for adoption any remaining embryos after completing your cycles. You have to decide between the two of you and initial and there's even who gets custody of the frozen embryos in the event of death or divorce! All of that threw me for a loop as it was such a heavy decision to make for something that may or may not even come to fruition.

As far as the coloring of the triplets being different than yours... I'd definitely not focus on that or make a big deal of it if anyone asks. If someone mentions it, laugh and say sure they might have different coloring, but that runs in the family. If the children ask, I'd tell them the same thing. The more you get into it, the weirder it could get and frankly, it's no one's business and rude to even suggest that they aren't YOUR kids.

BUT I would tell the kids when they were older, say late teens, about the fact that you had difficulties conceiving. Whether you tell them the full extent (that they are not genetically related to you and why) is totally your call, but I think they should be forewarned that while getting pregnant is in general supposed to be easy to do and they should take precautions until they are ready to be parents, they need to be aware that fertility issues may be in their future and to not wait too long before getting help if and when they decide to start a family. The fact that the donating couple had to go to IVF means they also had some specific difficulty, and letting your children know that there was some issues (again, I don't think you should or shouldn't tell of the embryo adoption) might save them much time and heartache when they start TTC.

For what it's worth, I always planned on telling any child I'd had in their teen years about the conception difficulties so they were forewarned, but I would never share my fertility issues with anyone else - still haven't, and probably never will. (except in the internets where you can be anonymous)

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On Things Bloomberg Might Have Said of a Woman at a Party

Why hairpin? Why?

I'm on day 2 of trying to quit smoking and come here to distract myself, and there is a CIGARETTE butt on the first story I see... ~sob~

(sorry for the offtopic, but I'm really neurotic now)
and even more off topic, but doesn't cigarette look misspelled when you type it in all caps? Or is it just me?

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