On Answering All the Questions in Beyonce's New Album

Who knew what a great interviewee Jia could be, as well as an amazing interviewer?

Well, all of us probably assumed. :-)

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On "And Peggy Paula let him, she let him, because if no one is there to touch you are you even really there?"

I don't use this word often, but SHITBALLS that was amazing. Off to buy the collection now.

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On Sarah Silverman's Perfect Night Is Perfect

Wow, I was thinking that this really was like my perfect night, except that I had a couple dogs to take care of, then...she gave her dog the pill. It really is my life, minus the flossing. I really need to get back on that.

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On Recreational Flirting and Other People's LDRs

@parallel-lines Coming back with a second reply after some additional thought: I think that part of why I avoid this (not that any of my friends are trying to honka-honka my ta-tas or anything) is that I'm always pretty consistently bothered by the image of two straight chicks making out at bars for male attention.

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On Recreational Flirting and Other People's LDRs

@parallel-lines Huh, I'm not like this with any of my friends. Action item of the day: grope some friends.

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On Angelina Jolie: "My Medical Choice"

My double mastectomy and reconstruction weren't prophylactic (I had cancer, while not having either BRCA gene). I've had a lot of issues with feeling desirable since, and while that's improving, reading Angelina Jolie own her choice both powerfully and non-apologetically certainly helps.

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On Friends' Relationships, Sex, and the Ones Who Get Halfway Away

I lost my virginity at 19 to my then-boyfriend, now-husband. Looking back, I REALLY wish that I'd lost it earlier. It actually messed with my head a lot back then that he'd been with other people and I hadn't...as if there was some magical additional experience that he had that I would never be able to match. It took me a few years to get over feeling this stomach-churning anxiety/jealousy about it.

Wait several more years, and I suggest we have an open marriage and then we become polyamorous.

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

Re. the tongue-kissing: I was on the other side of this! I have a partner who said a few weeks ago, after we've been dating for ~9 months, "I notice you don't kiss with tongue very much. Is there a reason why? I'm perfectly happy with how we make out, but I think it would be hot to use more tongue." Frankly, I'd never really thought about it much--I'm more of a lip action and slight biting with tongue teasing AT the lips. So I said, "show me!" and he did and it was hot and led to other things, and now I do it all the time.

tl;dr: find something nice to say about how he's doing it now, then show him what you like!

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On Ask a Clueless Lady

Two friends of mine now have HSV1 genitally because a partner with cold sores went down on them. I've never had a cold sore or a genital breakout, but test positive for the HSV1 antibodies. It's something I disclosed to sexual partners when I learned, and I haven't had any new ones since. Frankly, the reactions of my partners varied, and uncoincidentally, I'm no longer with the one who was a jerk about it. I'm on the side of disclosing. It can be a semi-uncomfortable conversation, but sexually active people should be having these conversations anyway!

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On All the Songs Featured on the Soundtrack of the 1982 Film Adaptation of "Annie," Discussed

@parallel-lines As a redhead, I liked to think I had a special bond with this movie. I went as Annie for Halloween a couple years ago and carried a giant stuffed dog around with me. More people guessed I was Joan from Mad Men than Annie, though, which means I might not have chosen the right red dress?

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