On The Stereotype Pie

@districter Even just talking about Breaking Bad makes me a stereotype. Same goes for any other show, eg. BSG, Doctor Who (but those are all great so who cares?)

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On The Stereotype Pie

For me, many of these are half-truths. I don't need karaoke or drink, sadly, to slur "Don't Stop Believin'", nor do I need to be stoned to eat too many Doritos. They just have to be on and around. I mean, booze and pot help, but I rarely need that first indulgence to get to the next one. If that makes sense.

Also, mentioned upthread: white wine. I love nothing more than getting my day drunk or after work slow drunk on with white wine. I tell myself I'm not the stereotype because I drink it out of a juice glass.

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On The Stereotype Pie

I can't get into Wolf Hall. What is wrong with me?

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On Friday Open Thread

@supernovice 2) Eyeko is my favorite liquid liner.

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On The First Response Pie

@lemonadefish When I worried that I was pregnant (and did not want to be) I understood everything as a sign of pregnancy/not pregnancy, depending on my mood. I can only imagine having the opposite dilemma, you have my sympathies and hugs.

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On The First Response Pie

25% wondering how to get an abortion in a conservative state
40% wondering for how long said abortion will take me away from my dissertation
5% just taking the damn test already

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On 105 Years of Anne of Green Gables Covers

My cover is not on this list! I'll have to try and find it. Hopefully someone buried that last cover deep in the pits of Tartarus.

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On Ask a Glutton: When Your Food Groups Are Cheese, Chocolate, and Coffee

I second the Ottolenghi rec. I also have Jerusalem and am cooking from it constantly. Consider Nigel Slater, especially Tender Vol. 1, for vegetables. His recipes are easy and unpretentious.

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On Friday Open Thread

@adorable-eggplant You guys are quick! Or I'm getting distracted by my work. It is hot and sticky where I am (at least I think, because the AC in my building must be on the highest setting). An Old-fashioned sounds excellent, as does the Aviation. Basically, I'm looking for something that has mostly alcohol, at most a splash of something else. Pop/soda has no business in my drink today.

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On Friday Open Thread

Pinners, I'm going to happy hour in 1.5 hours. Help me pick my first drink! It must be liquor based.

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