On Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

This more or less represents my childhood perception of teenage girls. All the girls in my drawings had significant cleavage, though. For whatever reason, large breasts were a marker of the best kind of adulthood. Looking back on it, they probably also reflect how I absorbed and fetishized (maybe not the best word) the predominant feminine ideal at the time.

A+++++ for all the bright colors.

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On Friday Open Thread

@isabelle bleu Thanks so much everyone - I never even thought about an experience gift or house maintenance.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Matilda D'Ephemera These are great suggestions, thanks. My mother enjoys gardening so the seeds or tools are very good ideas. They just moved into a new house and so I'm thinking of things they might need.

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On Friday Open Thread

@BosomBuddy This may help: my parents are approximately seventy years old. Help me, hairpin, you're my only hope!

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On Friday Open Thread

Declining numbers be damned, it's time to start posting on OT again, because nothing is the same.

I have a seasonal, lazy question, that I will likely be asking anyone I meet tomorrow:

What are you all buying your parents for Christmas? My folks are rather practical, and of course have everything. My mother is not a conventional feminine type, so makeup and most things of that ilk do not apply. My father also does not appreciate traditionally masculine gifts, eg. tools, razors. And why are gift guides for men so terrible? They do not all need techie stuff, new razors, bears and wallets.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

One glass of wine? I'm willing to challenge this gender binary.

There is just no way that, when I open a bottle of wine with dinner, I am having only one glass. I mean, I cook while I'm drinking the first one. The second, and maybe third, are for eating.

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On The Stereotype Pie

@Diana Who are you people? I would like to join your tribe. It convinces me to keep trying, for a short while. I'll probably complain in open thread next week how I've given up.

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On The Stereotype Pie

@meetapossum They do this in southern France, so now you can double the stereotype. "I put ice in my wine because Europe." Sophistication/obnoxiousness: accomplished.

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On The Stereotype Pie

@districter Even just talking about Breaking Bad makes me a stereotype. Same goes for any other show, eg. BSG, Doctor Who (but those are all great so who cares?)

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On The Stereotype Pie

For me, many of these are half-truths. I don't need karaoke or drink, sadly, to slur "Don't Stop Believin'", nor do I need to be stoned to eat too many Doritos. They just have to be on and around. I mean, booze and pot help, but I rarely need that first indulgence to get to the next one. If that makes sense.

Also, mentioned upthread: white wine. I love nothing more than getting my day drunk or after work slow drunk on with white wine. I tell myself I'm not the stereotype because I drink it out of a juice glass.

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