On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Code Name Dolphin Capricorn

The store thing is actually just because people are way more likely to enter a shop if there's already someone in there. Customers try to pull that on me like 'look at all the people who followed me!' but it actually happens all the time.

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On 'Pin Picks: Second Helpings

I HAVE read The Last Unicorn, and I recommend it to everyone! If you like the movie, you should read it for sure because it is better. I know you don't believe me! You're like "How could anything ever be better than The Last Unicorn movie? You're being ridiculous." but I promise it is SO MUCH BETTER. Very similar, but also very different. Mostly Schmendrick, who is less wimpy, and has more of a back story. Also POEMS, and a couple really good scenes that didn't make it into the movie. Including the final scene, which provides closure for all of the characters.
The movie is beautiful, but it all comes from the book. They way he describes her forest in the beginning is really so lovely, you feel like you miss it as much as she does.

Excerpts!(I really want you all to read this book!):

“When I was alive, I believed — as you do — that time was at least as real and solid as myself, and probably more so. I said 'one o'clock' as though I could see it, and 'Monday' as though I could find it on the map; and I let myself be hurried along from minute to minute, day to day, year to year, as though I were actually moving from one place to another. Like everyone else, I lived in a house bricked up with seconds and minutes, weekends and New Year's Days, and I never went outside until I died, because there was no other door. Now I know that I could have walked through the walls." - the skeleton that wanted to know "about that wine"

"I did not know that I was so empty, to be so full.”

"If I danced with my feet
as I dance in my dreaming
As graceful and gleaming
as Death in disguise
Oh, that would be sweet!
But then would I hunger
To be ten years younger,
or wedded,
or wise?"
- Molly singing in the kitchen of King Haggard's castle

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On Short Lists

Fun fact: the third eye is actually one of the chakras.

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On The Return of Ghost


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On Choose Your Own Fatventure: Interview Clothes

I have literal TEARS IN MY EYES.
Thank you for releasing me from my prison of ill-fitting seperates and knee high socks.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

PS - Can anyone tell me what the waist is like on those We Live Colour tights?

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Bosses Have Said: The Bracket

@Better to Eat You With
I have a redhead one too!
When I was eighteen I was working at a pizza place, and had dyed red hair. A few months in it had grown out and I wanted know if I was allowed to dye it, I forget, purple or something, but I phrased it "What do you think of me dying my hair purple?" he then LOOKS ME UP AND DOWN and says "Nah, you should dye it back to red and get, like, a nurse's uniform. And fishnets."
A supervisor at the same job (when I had a flower in my hair) "Girl, I love it when you do that. I know you do it for me. It makes me think of you in porn."

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On I'm Changing My Name, Again

Like That Girl!

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On Is This a Word for Sweet, Carbonated Beverages Where You Are?

I live in Victoria, BC. We only call it mix when it is mix.
Also, Bloody Caesar? This is not a thing.
There is a Caesar - Vodka and Clamato (SICK)
And a Bloody Mary - Vodka and tomato juice (DELICIOUS)
My Bloody Mary recipe:
Vodka, V8 "Smooth and Seasoned", celery salt(for the rim), worcestershire, pepper, and hot sauce with celery garnish.

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On Happy Hour: Spike Your Coffee

"I like my men like I like my coffee; slightly above room temperature." - a joke I made up to fend off ridicule when people notice that I wait a full half hour before starting on a coffee.
I thought I was the only one!

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