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By leonstj on Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

I'm so excited to have this show back. For 9 months my friends have been talking about how GoT is so much better, and I got into that, and they had me fooled into agreeing.

I watched GoT last night, and was like "Eh, slog through the final season of Mad Men" - then it started, and I instantly remembered why I love the act of watching this show more than any other.

The close especially blew me away. I think sometimes I get too caught up in "What might MM be trying to say?" instead of just enjoying it as a thing that just is.

But Don, sitting alone in the cold, trying to get right, hating himself - my flaws in life are a different set than his, but seeing him miserable, alone, sitting in the cold by himself - I actually felt oddly jealous. That moment at the end seemed less to me like the suicidal gesture some people took it as and more as the self-flagellation some of us need to force ourselves through if we are ever going to 'act right'.

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By rathermarvelous on Mad Men, Season 7 Premiere: Is This Where the Fire Starts?

This episode made me think a lot about being "too much" (read: a woman) in a male-dominated environment. Peggy and Joan struggle for excellence and no matter what, men read them as pushing too hard, getting too emotional, asking too much. They are excessive, always too present, as if their femininity could spill out and make a mess at any moment. So Joan drinks between business calls and Peggy cries behind closed doors.

Basically, B E E N T H E R E.

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By hairpinner on The Last Sunday of the Year


I am SO glad you are back. I have missed your comics terribly. I completely understand where you are coming from when you say that it is both easier for you and more entertaining for the reader when you tell self-pitying/nightmare dating experience stories.

However, having followed some of your dating journey via your spellbinding storytelling, I have to say that not only am I really happy for you and your BF for finding eachother, I also still think your art is unique and needs to be shared.

Sure, the phase of your life where you were rife with stories about awkward dates may be in the past. But I for one would still love to hear about your life. Life doesn't stop being funny or entertaining or crazy even if your relationship changes. I can only imagine the hilariousness you will have to share as life goes on.

Esther, you have a real gift for observing the absurdities in life and translating that into art. I will always want to hear what you have to say, no matter what stage of life you're at. I will still read your comics when you're in an old age home writing about how stingy the kitchen is with the sour cream.

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By j-i-a on "Snow would be the easy/ way out—that softening/ sky like a sigh of relief/ at finally being allowed/ to yield"


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By alliepants on Poetry: A Love Story

@Cat named Virtute What I don't understand is why anyone would write a column against any sort of art form? Like, I'd totally understand a post about how it's absurd that a professor forced a student to take a full year's worth of poetry classes knowing full well it wasn't her favorite genre. But like, being anti-poetry? That's like being anti-song. I mean, maybe she hates music. It's possible. Maybe that'll be next in the line of columns that all generally boil down to "hey guys! Why don't you read me hate on something for a little while, and then read while I get all self-conscious about the fact I like to hate on things and try to make it endearing."

I suppose blog posts about the writer being too cool for various things is its own art form, I guess. I've found a few I like, and they can be fun to read, but ya know, I don't think I get it. Probably not for me, but there's nothing wrong with it, so she can keep on keepin' on.

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By Father Brown on Poetry: A Love Story

Wow, I'm surprised people were so charitable about this mess. Am I missing something? Was this tongue-in-cheek? I have so many questions.

How on earth has nobody pointed out that the person who wrote War and Peace is NOT the same person who "I Bless You, Forests?" How is it possible to have read Leo Tolstoy and not have alarm bells go off when reading that poem? It didn't sound anything like him. I need to stop, this is making me mad.

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By harebell on Poetry: A Love Story

by the end of the essay you admit that you actually like quite a number of poems -- so why hold onto the idea of "hating poetry"?? that just seems pointlessly self-limiting, even as a comic essay. and not very new or brave to write about -- plenty of people have this attitude.

also, moss comes in more than one color!

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By Nicole Sarrocco@facebook on Poetry, Neat

As for the iamb issue: it's a trochee - kinda like whiskey, come to think of it. Otherwise it would be whisque, like risqué. Which works in its own way, too. Yay for whiskey and poetry.

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By Megasus on Today's Forecast for Jupiter and Saturn: A Furious Rain of Molten Diamonds

Lindsey Bluth is thrilled by this news!

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By supernintendochalmers on We're All Jerks

I actually liked the LA Times piece, although I can understand feeling like an asshole about it afterwards. The thing is, you wrote a piece that capitalized on your affiliation to someone in the news, and then wrote this piece which basically does the same thing, except with an apology on it. I'm not trying to tell you how to feel about it, but the behavior is basically the same. Right?

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