On A Revenge Scenario For Student Loan Borrowers

I love this, and I nominate Elizabeth Warren as the leader of the revolt. In real life though, I'll just continue working my uninteresting corporate job so I can continue making payments until the debt is gone. Maybe then I will be able to regain hope, restore my imagination, and become a fully functioning creative and energized member of society. Which, incidentally, was the whole aim of going into debt for my liberal arts degree. Call me an entitled child of the 80's, but I thought I could contribute to the world.

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@happymisanthrope Huh - interesting. I (obviously) haven't followed this very much. I can see how someone might be opposed to being "forced" into buying insurance. And yes, @stuffisthings, I'm sure misinformation is a huge factor. (I'm grossly uninformed myself - thanks for helping me be less ignorant.)

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

@The Wub Thanks! I'm glad to know there is an argument behind this other than "we are right." I disagree with the logic, but at least I can see how someone might want to think that. In the meantime, I just hope my employer doesn't go out of business.

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On Goodbye For Now, Giant Panda Cam

Can anybody explain the argument against Obamacare for me? I just don't understand the opposition - how are "millions of Americans suffering under Obamacare"? Is there an even somewhat coherent argument for how this legislation makes Americans suffer?

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On Interview with Filmmaker Izzy Chan: "Have we adjusted our expectations of what a man needs to bring to the table?"

This interview made me feel uncomfortable partly because of the prescriptive tone - like, "if you do these things, your stay-at-home man won't cheat on you." It's an interesting topic though, and close to my heart since I out-earn my boyfriend by a factor of four. But every person and relationship and financial situation is different, and I get the impression that there are some questionable assumptions about causation in here somewhere.

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On Today is National Dog Day

@PistolPackinMama Oooh, is she a greyhound? I'm considering adopting a greyhound - there are SO many retired racing dogs that need homes. And they're so cute/strange/stoic/awesome!

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On Friday Open Thread

@panther I'm actively working on this right now, and I've been enjoying reading Brene Brown's book The Gifts of Imperfection -- it applies in many other areas of life too. I also really like this website - http://www.thebodyisnotanapology.com/

It feels like it might be getting better for me, but it's going to take time and continued effort. Good luck and high five for taking the first step toward being even more awesome and loving yourself!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Li'l Sebastian Ugh, that is the worst. I've been in a similar situation. On the bright side, once I told everybody that I made a mistake, everyone was understanding and it didn't seem like such a big deal anymore. Hope it turns out okay for you!

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On "Halo," LP

I really like her style/sound but I'm worried about her vocal chords.

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On Friday Open Thread

Thanks all for the encouragement. I had not heard of the Fat Nutritionist, she seems like a great resource! I'm still just getting into this, but I'm already realizing how much my body/food issues contribute to my anxiety and self-doubt -- what a gift it will be to free myself from that crap! Hugs and empowerment all around!

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