By Emily May@facebook on Going Blonde

This may sound totally bizarre, but my name is also Emily May, and I'm ALSO a bottle blonde! I started a nonprofit and my hair went grey and I rebelled. It wouldn't have lasted so long except there's no dark hair to return to. Anyway, we should be friends, Emily May! (I also run ihollaback.org, if you ever want to make a street harassment comic). My twitter is @emilymaynot.

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By GFY Heather on Internet Work and Invisible Labor: An Interview With the Fug Girls

@missannethrope Our nanny's son is in high school. She works limited hours during the week, is done in the afternoon, and takes her son to school and picks him up every day and is home with him at night and on weekends. As much as I love her, I would LOVE to have spent the last four years with rambunctious twins doing nothing but parenting them while also magically making enough money to contribute to our family's financial needs, but it didn't work out that way, unfortunately, and I'm glad we were able to work out an alternative."

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By aphrabean on Saying No to Juice

@mynamebackwards We (secretly) call choices made under the influence of a fast "juicisions." I hate juicisions.

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By Amphora on 26 Abortion Stories

And here is the problem in the simplest terms: "I went ahead and had my son. Those people weren’t there after I lost my job and couldn’t afford my COBRA, utilities, rent, food."

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By blueberry mary on What's the Worst Song to Have Sex To?

One time, I was having some "alone time" with the radio on in the background, and Bette Midler's "From A Distance" came on.

I can't finish with her shouting "GOD IS WATCHING US!" at me.

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By monicamcl on Estate Jewelry: The Original Burning Man and A Ring For the Birds

@laurel Why did Peggy Guggenheim pick up the phone? Because Alexander Calder!

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By aphrabean on The "I Dare You" Chickpeanutbutter-and-Honey Bars

@allofthecrafts Ummmm I bought a 25 lb bag recently, and then photographed it wearing a hat as "my new boyfriend." Because that's how much I love them.

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By commanderbanana on "I don’t want her to wear her good nature like a gemstone, her body like an ornament"

@mynamebackwards That is ten kinds of bullshit, yo. I'm sorry that happened; it makes me want to kick-punch the guy who did that.

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By meeyawl on The Flower-Loving, Bomb-Dropping "Night Witches" of World War II

Nachthexen would be a damn good name for a post punk feminist hardcore screamo band.

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By Onymous on What Is Your Personal Garbage Music?

@SmartCookie John Mayer can't wait to get down on his knees and start pleasing Jesus, wants to feel his hot love all over his face?

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