On Friday Open Thread

@miss buenos aires It's actually Ski-ah-puh-relly. The "h" after the "c" makes it into a hard "sk" and not a soft "sh" sound. (I don't mean to be bitchy -- just want to make sure she knows the actual pronunciation)

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On "Tens," Office Racism, and a Molehill

@paddlepickle My first LTR was with a guy that I initially found neutral to unattractive and then fell madly in love with, finding him ridiculously hot, personally.
However, even while madly in love, if I had been forced at gunpoint to state what I thought his "objective" number was, it probably would have been around a 5. Because while I found him super hot TO ME, the part of me that remembered what he looked like before I was in love him didn't disappear.
I think this might make me weird? Based on the other comments? Because I feel like this has been true in all my serious relationships. I found them super hot after falling in love, but could kind of separate myself from that in certain situations and see them like I did before I loved them.

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On Obamacareaboutyourfriendswhoaregettingmarried

Oh I'm so happy! I was feeling all kinds of nervous every time I opened my reader that there was going to be bad news. I don't even live in the US right now, but this was one of the biggest things that would have given me pause about coming back. And now, we are actually kind of sort of in line with the entire rest of the world.
What next? Will we start to use the metric system?

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On Friday Open Thread

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On Anne-Marie Slaughter on Family and Career, and Actually Having Both

@wee_ramekin I'm super late responding to this, but I'm pretty sure my own mother would be really disappointed in me if I were to become a stay at home mom. She been a feminist since forever, was one of the original subscribers to Ms. magazine, and while I doubt she would be like, "You are a terrible feminist," I DO think she would ask a lot of leading questions if I were to make such a decision.
So I mean, she wouldn't yell at me or be judgemental in a nasty way, but I have no doubt that she would view it as setting back the struggle, and most likely as a kind of repudiation of HER choices.

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On Beauty Q&A: Bitter Pills

@celeec4@twitter #5 looks super natural on my lips, at least. If you just do one light coat it gives you a kind of tinted chapstick look, with two coats it looks a little more lipstick-y but still definitely work appropriate. And it really does last forever.

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On Your 2012 Baby Name Guide: Miss America Contestant Edition

@MmeLibrarian I'm a little late to the party, but in Italy these days Matilda (Matilde here) is basically the equivalent of Kate when I was a kid. The other really popular girl's name is Gaia.
Anyway, I love the name!
@MsChilePepper Genevieve was my absolute favorite name when I was in elementary school. There was a girl with that name in the year above me and I thought it was the classiest Frenchest name ever.

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On He Was Too Tall for This World

@RobotsNeedLove Seriously. It looks like a fake handwriting font it is so regular and even. And he wrote it after presiding over the death of the president by assassination...

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On Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay)

@Citizen Cunt Wait? What!? I mean, even if we want to pretend that 30 inches is a large, which just no, it is not, how can the extra small be only three inches smaller?

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On Why Buying From Emerging Fashion Designers Costs More Money (and Why That's Okay)

@Gef the Talking Mongoose It's only an hour a week and it is way closer to the greatest side of the spectrum. She is a kickass old lady who speaks four languages, used to be/still is friends with a bunch of famous Italian designers, and occasionaly lets spill gossip about said famous designers and models. So basically I get paid to learn about fashion and listen to gossip.
Another bonus is that although her English is really good she absolutely cannot remember how to pronounce the word "gown." She ALWAYS says it like "gun."

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