On Ask an Adopted Person

@Emmanuelle Cunt yeah, my mother is a damaged person. She is emotionally paralyzed, and is insecure in every way one can be. There is a history of abuse there too. I know it may not be reasonable to lay everything thats wrong at her adoptive parents doorstep, but I have often wondered how many choices she would have made differently, paths she might have taken, if she had ever felt really, truly, loved as a child. I know she hasn't as an adult. Not even by us, her children.

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On Ask an Adopted Person

@piekin My mother is adopted, and was fierce about having her "own" children... She wanted the biological connection, she said, she wanted to *belong* to us. But, and i think this is the meat of it, her adoptive family was not loving and inclusive like Alli's, and she was always made to feel second best to the biological children her adoptive mother had. I don't mean that she couldn't help but feel it.... I mean that she was actively and verbally marginalized by her adoptive parents, all her life. Introduced to strangers as the adopted one, etc. This has had a permanent and destructive impact on her entire life. It's quite sad.

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On Family Budget Items We Could Spend the $48,000 Value of an Oscar Gift Bag On

@Anninyn £31607

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: In Like Errol Flynn

@Poubelle -- Errol Flynn died in Vancouver. The Police Museum has, among its artifacts, a coroner's table which is allegedly the VERY ONE upon which his autopsy was performed. Ooo-ooooo.....

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On How to Pack for a Trip

@bb I am also taking it WAY too seriously; I need to get more hobbies or something.... Anyway, #2 intrigued me, and a quick google brings up a German skiwear company that seems (going by pics alone as I don't read German )to sell parkas and ski jackets... So... This is fun!

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On Ask a Clean Person: Fragrant Shoe Season Arrives Early

Throw it in the wash with a half a cup of salt! Hang to dry. I used to sew an d this is SOP for any and all colour-bleed-able fabric, and harmless.

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On Beauty Q&A: Face Makeup and Simple Baubles

@halfheartedyoga -- oh my god, if it's true, I think you may have changed my life. Tell me, though, please -- why does it come in three "1.5 oz containers"? Why not one 4.5 oz container? (What kind of containers are they?) Forgive me if the answer is obvious, never heard of this stuff before...

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On Beauty Q&A: Face Makeup and Simple Baubles

@bananatime -- oh yes, to the Makeup 4Ever HD! I gulped at the price the first time I bought it, but I am now a believer. And a believer in spending what it costs in order to have perfect(looking)skin; as such, I went in and coerced the lovely Sephora lady into letting me try ever concealer in the joint, and I bought the Givenchy liquid 'stylo' - it's amazing. I finally know what "light-reflecting" means (or should mean, anyway) -- not shiny, like I thought it did, but rather 'looks like your real skin'. It's the only thing that will cover the little dime-sized spots of rosacea on my cheeks without looking like I've taken wite-out to them. It's a little spendy, but it comes in a twist-up pen-type thingy, so you can dispense only the teeniest amount (all I need) and protects the rest from air/comtamination, so I think it will last a goodly amount of time. It is literally invisible! Get the lovely Sephora ladies to let you try it!

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On Beauty Q&A: Makeup Brushes and the Pains of Being Appropriately Layered

@ one cow, meganmaria et al: Lordy, so topical -- I just had this VERY conversation with my new hairstylist, who I love, after many hairstylist mismatches... we were chatting about hair products (my distaste for same, mainly) and the differences between the cheapies and the salon products, yada yada; I told her how I always use Pantene conditioner and my hair looks great (it does!)and she agreed, but said "let me show you something" and she took a small section of my medium length hair and GENTLY dragged her scissors down the cuticle, perpendicularly, and showed me this GREY-BLACK CRUD that came off along the blade!!!! Off my freshly salon-washed hair!! It was so fucking gross! I said "Ack! What do I do?!? Get it off get-it-off!" and she kindly gave me a small sample bottle of the special shampoo that salons use to strip this gunk, and said to use it til it's gone and turf the Pantene. She says Thermasilk is the worst for the waxes, closely followed by Pantene and Garnier Fructis. She said if I don't want to invest in salon products (a testament to her integrity, as she could have sold me anything in the shop at that point) then to use Dove or St Ives, which don't have the waxy shit in them. Sorry for the long post, but jeezuz, count me among the converted!

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On The Best Time I Got Hit by a Car

Every day I pass what we here in my Vancouver neighbourhood call the 'ghost bike' - a bike painted all-white and chained to a street sign as a memorial to this guy http://www.westender.com/articles/entry/cover-story-sudden-impact who wasn't wearing his helmet. Powerful stuff...

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