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By katekatekateyeah on Remembering the Early Days of Jezebel with Anna Holmes

Another former Jezzie exile here. I feel like it's possible I'm having the same "drifting apart" with the 'pin now post-Edith/Jane I had with Jezebel in 2010 post-Anna H. That shopping addiction article comments section was ROUGH, y'all.

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By Smallison on Is Snooze the Enemy?

@werewolfbarmitzvah I've been telling people this for years, too! Just get up at the time you know you need to be awake, not the time you hope to be awake. Silly!

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By werewolfbarmitzvah on Is Snooze the Enemy?

I've been telling people this for yeeeeeeeeears, and they keep on looking at me like, "hoo boy, the ol' bat's gone off on something again." The post-snooze feeling is so much worse than the feeling of getting up with the initial alarm, so why not just set the alarm for the latest possible time that you can conceivably get up in order to have enough time to get ready, instead of setting it for an earlier time and then getting up at the later time anyway, feeling worse all the while? I don't get it!

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By iceberg on Rihanna On My Mind: Chatting About the "Pour It Up" Video

Wow I could NOT disagree more.

I think this video panders to the male gaze so completely that it's gross and disappointing. I think Rihanna IS talented and capable of being a bad-ass bitch but this video is just soft-core to sell something. I think what she's doing here is really demeaning and beneath her. And I don't think it's the stripping motif, although the song explicitly glorifies making money by stripping and if you think the vast majority of strippers aren't stripping for men, I don't know what planet you live on.

Sorry guys this video just makes me feel gross. I don't want to see Rihanna masturbating or pulling a nasty nylon swimsuit up her crotch or flapping her ass cheeks on all fours... it seems degrading and I just didn't think she had to do that to sell records what with the talent-having and such.

For contrast, I really like this video of Christina Aguilera because the video AND the song make it clear who the boss is and where the sexual power lies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A1-hVtncq3w

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By Cat named Virtute on 5 Ways to Engage Your Core

Never change, dear Hairpin.

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By stringbean on When a Girl Becomes a Demon

I just realized that those chokers were fake henna. I knew exactly the ones you are talking about, just never realized why they looked how they looked! Adolescent life is clicking into place.

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By Pariah Carey on Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Ecstasy of Hedy Lamarr

The face obscured the intelligence, the wit, the desire for something more. It became the synecdoche for her image, the whole of self. And it’s not like we don’t do this to women today: forcefully, if subconsciously, mapping a desired vision of who they are and what they represent from a collection of paparazzi shots, publicity photos, and bad interviews. We do it to the girl who’s by beautiful and by herself at the concert; we do it to the student in our classes with the sorority shirt and the bitchface. I do it to Megan Fox and Olivia Wilde and Kim Kardashian; you may do it to your own slew of beautiful, desirable, and thus easily dismissible women.

Boom. Classic AHP punch to the gut. Thanks for a great read (yet again)!

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By Verity on When a Girl Becomes a Demon

As someone from the UK to whom summer camp is alien, it has always sounded both really compelling and really terrifying. Adolescent girls can be so intense, which is great fun sometimes, but you also get stuff like this. Yes, good thing there were no weapons!

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By cosmia on 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness


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By meetapossum on 'Game of Thrones' Men, by Hotness

I do think we need some more Loras love.

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