Three Baking Soda Hacks for Your Beauty Routine

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Softlips® Releases Results From Official Most Kissable Lips Study

Softlips® recently tested their softest ever formula, enlisting three handsome, eligible men in New York City’s Union Square to find women willing to rate their lips. Check out how each Softlips® smooch was rated and find out which couple hooked up in real life.

All three men participated using Softlips® new Cube lip balm, designed to guarantee kissable, unmissable lips. For more information please visit www.softlips.com.

It’s Women’s Equality Day—Read Books by Feminist Writers


The New Stylish LG G3 Sets New Standards, Cuts Down Time to Focus a Selfie With Your Bestie

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The latest addition to join LG’s G series, the LG G3 phone is sleek, stylish and innovative to its core. Offering an even more sophisticated look and feel from other popular devices in the family, the G3 also delivers a simplified user experience. The device features a gorgeous 5.5-Inch Quad HD display for a fuller viewing experience, an amazing metallic fingerprint-resistant brushed exterior and best of all, Laser Auto Focus to cut down on the time it takes to focus a selfie with your bestie.

For more information, check out their Facebook page here.

Help Us End Dating Abuse and Domestic Violence

One out of four women in the US will be assaulted or abused by a partner. Sixty percent of those domestic abuse cases are never reported. In 2010, 39 percent of U.S. female homicide victims were killed by an intimate partner. None of this is acceptable.

Dating abuse and domestic violence are issues that are largely undiscussed and heavily stigmatized. As a result, victims often feel ashamed or are fearful of speaking out, and would be advocates don't know how to step in and help those in need. In both examples, the challenges of dating and domestic violence in the US, silence and stigmas, are only further perpetuated.

We can't let domestic violence victims fall through the cracks. Help us generate support and community around this critical issue.

For every message featuring the #VoicesHavePower hashtag, VZW will donate $3 to help end dating abuse and domestic violence.

Here’s Your Daily Dose of 90s Nostalgia

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Let's End Dating Abuse and Domestic Violence

One out of four women in the US will be assaulted or abused by a partner. Sixty percent of those domestic abuse cases are never reported. It's time for a change. Help us build awareness and community around this critical issue. READ MORE

Send Your Message of Hope #VoicesHavePower

Wireless phones and technology serve as a vital link for all of us. They're also an especially safe and reliable way for domestic violence victims and survivors to reach emergency or support services in times of crisis and stay connected with employers, family and friends. READ MORE

Send Your Message of Hope #VoicesHavePower

'Voices Have Power' is a campaign designed to elevate awareness of (and destroy the stigmas around) domestic violence. Its goal is to encourage a frank discussion about the deep cultural and societal factors that silence victims and perpetuate instances of abuse. READ MORE

National Geographic Gives You a Chance to Win $50,000 to Fund the Expedition of Your Dreams!

21st Century exploration isn't just for mountain climbers and photographers. National Geographic  is looking to find the next generation of explorers in "Expedition Granted," where they'll grant one person’s dream expedition for $50,000. 

Whether you're a musician or a maker, a techie or a tinkerer, anyone with a big idea that is willing to take the steps to make it happen can enter "Expedition Granted."  For more details, check out this video featuring Brain Games host Jason Silva, who shows you how to submit your big idea at expeditiongranted.com.

Visit expeditiongranted.com to get inspired by other boundary-pushing project ideas that have already been submitted and vote for your favorite finalist from September 16-29 to help them win the $50,000! This nationwide competition was developed in partnership with National Geographic Society, 21st Century FOX and sponsors the Jeep brand and Dos Equis.