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Water That Speaks For Itself 

Brought to you by Niagara.

Recently, Niagara Water disguised themselves as a phony water brand, Astoria. Why? As a prank to demonstrate that they are in the business of selling pure, delicious water — not hype. Niagara staged a phony, high-end tasting event in Los Angeles, with an even phonier water sommelier. Tasters fell for the hype, believing the outrageous, extravagant claims made about Astoria water, including how it’s “30.5% wetter than normal water.”

Check out their reactions when the sommelier reveals they are actually drinking Niagara water.

To see more of the antics, go to www.waternothype.com.

Our food. Your Questions.

The Cut Your Bill in Half Event

No More Bad Hair Days: The Perfect Hair Solution

Brought to you by Aussie.

All girls know that true beauty takes work. And when it comes to our hair, all girls are guilty of obsessing way too much on obtaining the perfect tightly pulled back ponytail or effortless looking beach babe waves. If we can’t get a sleek style going, count us out of the plan.

We’ve all been there. But Aussie has a solution. Aussie offers a full range of products that give you great hair for less effort! Stop obsessing and learn more on how to get aussome hair by visiting aussie.com.

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Win a Free Copy of Melissa Pimentel's Love By The Book

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The Return of the Chipotle Chicken Club Combo

Brought to you by Jack in the Box.

The Chipotle Chicken Club Combo is making a comeback at Jack in the Box®.  It’s got crispy chicken, the Chipotle sauce you love and hickory-smoked bacon all on toasty sourdough bread.


Make a #WishForOthers This Holiday Season

Presented by Capital One®.

We all know that giving to others feels great, whether you’re donating to a nonprofit, volunteering at a food bank or doing something nice for a loved one. To celebrate the spirit of giving, Capital One is making the holidays a little brighter by helping grant wishes for others through their #WishForOthers campaign. Check out the video above to see more and to start thinking about your own #WishForOthers.

To participate, share your wish for someone else – a family member, a friend, a neighbor, or a community – with #WishForOthers on Twitter, Instagram, or the Capital One Facebook page from Nov. 24 through Dec. 23 for a chance to make it come true. Visit www.WishForOthers.com for more information, official rules, and to see the wishes that other people have submitted so far!

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