National Geographic Gives You a Chance to Win $50,000 to Fund the Expedition of Your Dreams!

21st Century exploration isn't just for mountain climbers and photographers. National Geographic  is looking to find the next generation of explorers in "Expedition Granted," where they'll grant one person’s dream expedition for $50,000. 

Whether you're a musician or a maker, a techie or a tinkerer, anyone with a big idea that is willing to take the steps to make it happen can enter "Expedition Granted."  For more details, check out this video featuring Brain Games host Jason Silva, who shows you how to submit your big idea at expeditiongranted.com.

Visit expeditiongranted.com to get inspired by other boundary-pushing project ideas that have already been submitted and vote for your favorite finalist from September 16-29 to help them win the $50,000! This nationwide competition was developed in partnership with National Geographic Society, 21st Century FOX and sponsors the Jeep brand and Dos Equis.

Because #VoicesHavePower

Dating and domestic violence in the U.S. is an issue that’s largely undiscussed and heavily stigmatized. As a result, victims often feel ashamed or are fearful of speaking out, and would be advocates don't know how to step in and help those in need.In both examples, the challenges of dating and domestic violence in the US, silence and stigmas, are only further perpetuated. READ MORE

5 Reasons Why We Wish We Were Witches of East End

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Holiday Inn Celebrates Your Journey to Extraordinary

We're all on a journey to somewhere. Whether you're fulfilling a promise or catching a dream, Holiday Inn wants to support your quest to move forward. The guests that come through their doors are people just like you who also have dreams, promises and plans. Holiday Inn's mission is to celebrate everyone's individual stories and help their guests fulfill their journey to extraordinary, where there's always a Holiday Inn. READ MORE

Babies 'R' Us Helps Give Baby Comfort and Protection

See What Surprises K-Y® Had in Store for These Couples

As the weather heats up, so can your romance both in and out of the bedroom. Check out this K-Y® video which features a candid look at unsuspecting New York couples as they discover how to take everyday moments and turn them into something more intimate. Try not to grab a tissue when you see how cute their reactions are to a special surprise from K-Y®!

For more tips on how you can turn this summer into the most romantic (and sexiest!) season of the year, head over to www.facebook.com/kycouples.

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Distinctly Dad. A film by Johnson & Johnson

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The Best Colorful and Curve-hugging Leggings This Season

We heart leggings. Not only do they fit and feel incredible both in and out of the gym, but the bold prints and tasty colors available this season from Dick's Sporting Goods will help you make a serious fashion statement on the street. Check out five sexy leggings here from Dick's Sporting Goods that will make you do a double take every time you catch your reflection in a window. READ MORE

How to Throw an (Almost) Perfect Graduation Party


Volvo Design Starts With People

Cars are driven by people. This is the defining principle that drives Volvo design and engineering philosophy. Humans evolve, and their needs are constantly shifting. That's why Volvo never stops innovating—so they can get people to where they're going in the most forward-thinking way. Visit VolvoCars.com/US to learn more.