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On All the Treats in Buffy the Vampire Slayer

@ardnaxela47 No, no, there are a few from season 4. Among them is Buffy's "There is no problem that cannot be solved with chocolate." Which continues:

Willow: "I think I'm gonna barf."

Buffy: "Except that."

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On Which Of The 100 Most-Edited Wikipedia Articles Will You Troll Today?

I'm sorry, I cannot condone doing ANYTHING with Limp Bizkit lyrics, aside from forgetting them.

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On Selena, 'Selena,' and "Selenas"

I saw the movie on a Greyhound bus back around 2002. Among the movies I've seen on long bus rides, it was probably one of the best.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Salt Cravings, Workout Food, and Things to Eat When I'm Stressed

@Kira-Lynn@twitter Since the actual ADVICE the writer gave was completely reasonable, healthy, and non-body-shaming, I would suggest you forgive her for using the PHRASE "healthy weight." You know, just this once.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@lbf Who said it was a conspiracy? Most of us are just doubting that the recommended max of 1 drink for women, 2 for men is really an accurate reflection of the science. After all, the same factors that account for the difference between the sexes -- size, muscle mass, metabolism -- also vary enormously within each sex.

As for calling us Republicans, I thought this was a friendly forum?

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@chevyvan I'm just dubious because the standard recommendation is such a simple, round number, no different than what an amateur could arrive at through sheer guesswork. It seems likely to me that this one/two drink standard has only a very loose relationship to the actual research, for either sex.

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

Now I'm a big believer in science and all. But I've always found it a little suspicious that after taking into account weight, body composition, levels of different enzymes and all that, the recommended alcohol maximum turns out to be ... a nice round two drinks for a man, one drink for a woman. These are exactly the same amounts you'd get if you just skipped doing any studies and said "We want to keep it as low a number as possible, and we figure women should probably drink even less than men, and we don't want to mess with specific numbers of ounces or milliliters, so let's just say one drink for women and two for men."

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On What Is Most Millennial?

@adorable-eggplant I'm not sure which game you're thinking of, but I loved the shit out of three point-and-click games for the 1980s B&W Macs: Deja Vu, Shadowgate, and Uninvited. Deja Vu was the only one I finished unaided, but Uninvited was my favorite. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MacVenture

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On The Bathroom Whisperer: How to Really Clean a Toilet

Owning a toilet brush does not necessarily mean keeping a fecal bacteria habitat sitting out in your bathroom. After scrubbing the toilet, I make sure there are no visible particles on the brush, then let it sit in a bucket of bleachy water for ten minutes or so. Toilet brush owners: we aren't all barbarians!

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On Do Not Pass Go

@wee_ramekin Considering the tens of millions of copies of the GTA games that have been sold, it's weird that no one who's not a hardcore video gamer seems to know anything about the games except that you can kill prostitutes in them. It's as if everyone who has never seen "Titanic" just knows that at one point in the movie you see someone in steerage dance an Irish jig.

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