On Ideas for a Solo Traveler


It's one of my favorite blogs ever, and the author has gone on multiple low budget solo lady adventures. And features mini travel guides for many places, etc, etc.

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On I Never Meta-Horror I Didn't Like

I'm slightly miffed that no one's talked about homage to Evil Dead in Cabin In The Woods. Evil Dead's not particularly meta or anything, but it's a great on for the actually-trying-to-scare-but-hilarious genre.

Not gonna lie, the parallels between Evil Dead and Cabin In The Woods are like half the reason I like CITW so much.

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On Kubler-RosSVU

@phoebe Wait, Cuddy left?! WHy?? (Note: I stopped watching sometime last year...)

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On How to Feel Competent by Dumping a Lot of Stuff in a Bowl


No really. Muesli is one of my favorite foods, rivaling cheese.

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