On It's Been Real, Buds

Jia, I haven't commented in ages upon ages, but I just wanted to say that I've really really really enjoyed your writing (and think about your Sugar Ray piece all the freakin' time) and I'm excited to see where you'll be writing next!

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On Pete Seeger, "Living In the Country"

he lived a long, long, full life but this still makes me so sad. i loved "the foolish frog" as a kid, and his record with arlo guthrie was a household favorite. he was a good one.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Onymous Not for me :( For instance, this page still showed up as having zero comments and I had to log-in TWICE before this worked.

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On Friday Open Thread

Is the comment/log-in problem ever going to be fixed? It feels like no-man's-land here, which makes me BUMMED OUT because there has been some great stuff on the 'Pin lately.

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On Coming Out Late In the Game, Embracing the Inner Bridezilla, and Recharging Your Libido

yessss, AQC, as wise as ever.

i was going to procrastinate at work by rewriting "diamonds are forever" with kink-themed lyrics in my head, until i realized that really the only word that needs to be replaced is "diamonds," oops.

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On The Definitive Guide to Attending This Summer's Music Festivals

Mother Terpizza!!

Ugh though really why must The Replacements' reunion tour be restricted to festivals only? Sorry, Paul Westerberg, not even you can lure me to Coachella.

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On Martha, Martha, Martha

Also re: "I’ve been wearing Fracas since I was 19. I’ll put fragrance on three times a day."

I remember an episode of her show where her employees spoke about her and one man said he had a "candy drawer" in his office desk and one time his candy was stolen and he knew Martha was the thief because the scent of Fracas lingered behind her.

Love you Martha, but tone down the eau de cologne, yikes.

(Also, cackling at the thought of Martha stealing candy from an employee's desk.)

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On Martha, Martha, Martha

@Tragically Ludicrous If it's weird, I don't want to be un-weird. I've been lovin Martha for yearssss.

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On Sasheer Zamata Is Joining SNL


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On A Whole New Year

Keeping in tradition with years past, I have started the new year with something that I certainly hope bears no influence over the coming months: a fucking sore throat, one tonsil the size of a hockey puck, and the creeping knowledge that the grossness will soon migrate to my sinuses. Why this always happens the first week of January, despite my hermit-like NYE, I don't know. Fffffffff

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