On How to Start Making Chili

Last chili I made was this one: http://www.food52.com/recipes/15871_tuxedo_chili
and it was fantastic.

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@dracula's ghost My boo shakes delicious sandwiches very gently while eating them.

Posted on March 8, 2012 at 3:14 pm 3

On The Life Cycle of a Liquor Promotion

My father is a liquor/beer salesman and the amount of this trash I grew up with festering in our garage is unbelievable. Fairly sure we still have stacks of Colt 45 posters featuring bethonged ladies in there.

Posted on February 24, 2012 at 4:41 pm 2

On Thoughts I Had While Not Playing the Mass Effect 3 Demo

@Awesomely Nonfunctional ABSOLUTELY

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On Friday Open Thread

@phyllisswiller please say you've already watched all of Inspector Lewis and George Gently, too? (I'm on my fifth season of Midsomer and like... I think I need a new detective in my life. what should i do?!)

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On What Is a "Job"?

@monicamcl have you CUMBERBATCHES watched Sherlock yet? on netflix instant. DO IT. everyone, do it.

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On "We invited readers to contribute a photograph of someone close to them who died this year"

I guess this is an okay way to start off my holiday time off... *blubber*

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On Hairpin Costume Drama Club: Wives and Daughters

@meatcute I teared up! And teared up again for the TROUSERRRRRRS!

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On Potential Babies

@The Lady of Shalott monthlyinfo.com does this splendidly, too. Just don't turn on the text message feature, they wake me up at 5am!

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On UP, Our Magical Bracelet Overlord

This song is far too cinematic for a device that's telling me I'm sitting on my ass too much.

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