On We Need to Know the Truth About Dental Dams

Oh! I've seen one in the wild! Never once with a woman, but back in my college days when I still fooled around with dudes occasionally, one of them whipped out a DD. Strawberry flavored, I believe. I figured, meh, why not, but after about 5 minutes I tapped him on the shoulder and explained that this was doing absolutely nothing for me and he was needlessly making his tongue tired and how about we go get a slice of pizza instead.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

Hell yes to that dress! Aaaaand...purchased. But I want it right now! (the downside of online shopping)

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On Most Requested Hairpin Articles of the Summer

I signed in just to say that I am a Single Femme Who Knows About DIY Home Repair! Why am I still single!?!?

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On Were You Alive In...

Nope! Finally, one of these posts doesn't make me feel old!

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On The Eyebrow Tutorial: Window Frames to the Soul

Yeah, this is why I just get mine professionally done once a month - I don't have that kind of patience.

In other news, I was at Anthro today, tried a dress on, and had the thought "Jane would totally tell me to belt this." And so I did and it is HOT.

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On The Fastest-Rising Baby Fish Name of 2011 Is ...

Edith, are you TRYING to get me preggers? This video makes my ovaries do a little dance.

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On How Bath-and-Beauty Stores Trick You Into Buying Lotion You Don't Need

Oh lord, the Lush girls. I cannot resist them! That's okay though, because they make me buy the Buffy Body Butter and my skin has never ever been so smooth and soft. Even my elbows!

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On The Manicure Tutorial: Nails With Little Flicks

Jane! Where were you on Friday? I didn't know what to buy with my allowance! (I did buy that Anthro dress (and the belt) you recommended the other week and it is now my FAVORITE DRESS EVER.)

Also, could you do a post on looking pretty at the beach/pool? I figure since you have said that your bf has never seen you without makeup you must have some sort of tip for staying gorgeous under water too...

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On Flirting, Non-Verbal Communication, and Guys Who Say They're Gay

Uhh, maybe it's the lesbofeminazi in me, but I'm really not loving the "I'll come get you pregnant" bit.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

The Anthro dress and belt are AMAZING. I'm carrying a little extra weight right now and not thrilled with my figure, but that combo makes me feel gorgeous! Once again, Jane fixes my life.

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