On The Best Friends of Rom Com Heroines, In Order

Marie! I love Marie so much. Someone else is definitely married to my husband.

Oh and it's not a get the guy type romantic comedy, but where's Mary Lynn Rajskub in Julie and Julia? I would want her if I can't have Marie.

And agreed on Christina Applegate in Sweetest Thing. She should be way higher. Sweetest thing was really good about female friendship.

Also missing: Toni Collette in Enough Said, Nicolas Hoult in About a Boy and and the deaf brother in Four Weddings and Funeral (if we can count Hugh Grant as a rom com heroine)

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On The Hairpin Rom Com Club: Notting Hill

I definitely had a hideous twinset circa 1999. It was beige, washed me out and did nothing for me shape-wise. I was 15 going on 65. But hey, if it worked for Anna Scott...

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On 10 Years, Actually: Billy & Joe, Juliet & Mark

NOT COOL, BOBBY FINGER. I wasn't ready for that.

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On An Argument for the "Irish Goodbye"

Big fan! Ideally, I'd say bye to the hostess, but at a recent birthday party, I told one friend I was ready to leave, she says "Oh! I'll go with you I'm ready too. Let me just tell my husband." Then he says he's just about ready he just wants to do one more thing and then I give up on him to find the birthday girl and she's surrounded by people so you have to say goodbye to all of them and then my friend and her husband have wandered out now too and they're saying goodbye to all those people.. it takes 20 min at a minimum. No more!

As for the host just going to their room and shutting the door -- perfect. I think my guests would much rather I go to sleep than have a crying fit at 3am because I'm exhausted and they haven't left yet.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Robert Redford, Golden Boy

This was great! Now, can we get an in-depth essay on that jean cutoff ping pong game?

Also, A River Runs Through It! My dad rented it when it first came out and told me I wouldn't like it because it was very slow and I'd find it boring. Obviously I had to watch it and yelled at my dad, "I like boring movies!"

But nothing beats Butch and Sundance.

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On Grab Your Tissues - Here Comes a Nora Ephron Documentary

Fantastic news.

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On $638,412.97

@hallelujah I know! Why Gucci? Like, basic bitches wear that shit so why even bother?

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On $638,412.97

So I know it so wasn't the point of the article, and as the earlier commenters noted his Friday Night Lights =/= what most immediately comes to mind with Friday Night Lights, but I spent the first couple pages wondering, "What does Tim Riggins look like in a great leather coat?"

But really, how can you wear that many pairs of gloves? And why wouldn't you send back the boots you accidentally bought duplicates of at the very least??

I'm so glad my spending compulsions are mostly limited to on-sale nail polish.

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On Estate Jewelry: Masonic Orbs and Legendary Peacock Chokers

@Emby I suspect it might double as a snitch.

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On "Do You Know Who You Look Like?"

One time a guy who liked me said I looked like Topanga. I don't, but I think he meant chubby with big boobs. I told him my actual name (Meghan), which he couldn't remember as he kept calling me Maggie. I was annoyed by this and left the bar with my friend. Turned out, he lived right around the corner from me as when my friend and I parted ways, he was just getting out of a cab. He shouted "TOPANGA!" down the street like he was Stanley in Streetcar. We made out.

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