On Interview With a Virgin: Maya

This could almost identically be my story. You are braver than me. I don't have the courage to easily talk about the assault- and I still consistently call it sexual assault instead of rape because saying rape still hurts. But I HAVE moved past thinking that is the only thing that defines me. I kept my virginity until marriage and married someone who loved the contradiction of valuing my sexuality and virginity.
It gets better. And thanks to you I'm going to try and be braver.

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On Living With Breasts That Can Be Seen From Orbit

Firstly: lovely, intelligent article.
Secondly: I would LOVE to start a hairpin ladies strike against David's Bridal. I had the same experience over and over again with their consultants and bridesmaids dresses (I think most of them assume the brides have already picked the dresses so the bridesmaids have to suck it up and buy from them no matter how they treat them) They are not a lady friendly company, especially if you have significant curves anywhere. Now the question is does anyone have suggestions of stores/lines/online sites that ARE lady friendly while remaining wallet friendly?

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On What It's Like to Get a Breast Reduction

Like so many others I finally created an account just to post on this article. I just had this surgery last week and am in the midst of the very painful recovery phase. No amount of self consciousness or body issues could have gotten me into the operating room to face all the fears I had of needles, pain, etc. However, even while in pain I am so happy about my decision. I think the point that keeps coming up is not how big your boobs are, but how proportional they are to the rest of your body. I am very short and very small everywhere else. My boobs were much bigger than my head. No matter how many different kinds of bras I tried (some specially fitted for me) my back and shoulders still killed me and it just kept getting worse. Even while wearing 3 bras, I couldn't run without them hitting me in the face or making my skin irritated from the friction so it was difficult to exercise. Of course this was true for years, as was, admittedly, frustration and shame about every time I had to buy a bridesmaid's dress for a friends wedding and order a dress about eight sizes larger than the rest of my proportions dictated so my chest could fit into it, only to have to take it to alterations and have it taken in A FOOT and hem it sometimes two feet just to have a dress that fit me. OF course that hurt, of course I cried over the cruel comments from jokes about them or the leering men, but that happened much less often than the physical pain I experienced every single day. The final straw for me was my family's history of breast cancer and a scare I had this winter break. The size of my breasts made it difficult to detect lumps early and a mammogram for breasts of that size is difficult to adequately assess. So I went under for my health and I can't wait to be through the pain and enroll in a yoga class where I won't have to sit out half the poses because my breasts are -literally- suffocating me.

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