On BLAH Magazine's Spring Issue: Let's Get Equi-Noxious

"we've gone and done a thing"

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On A Real Human Being and a Real Hero


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On Texts From the American Girls


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On Texts From Jane Eyre

Ah, Mallory. You've done it again.

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On Texts From Scarlett O'Hara

Love, a million times love. What even is typhoid! What even are candy babies!

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On Friday Open Thread

@The Lady of Shalott HUZZAH! Champagne indeed. Champagne all the time. Be proud!

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On Jane Demystifies All Beauty Secrets in Five Minutes

OH JANE! I miss your videos. I went right out and bought a styling wand and locked my bathroom door and watched your video and made super fun curly hair time. And I still think about how I'm supposed to "hold the hair around the wand for like, 10 seconds, or a verse of a rap song." Every. Time.

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On Letters to the Editor of This Preteen Magazine

Jane Tongring: it sure is lovely to find a publication with fashions in good taste, fun projects and interesting and educational articles! Thanks to the hairpin, I know how to make a doll's head goblet. HUZZAH!

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On Women Laughing "Alone" With Salad, the Halloween Costume

This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

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On Five Gross Things I Ate in Our Nation's Capital

I'm road tripping from NY to VA next week. I will do my best to make sure these abominations are as far away from me as possible.

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