On Eight Tiny Houses Built of Spite

Check out this unreal spite "house" (more like development) near my neighborhood in Seattle. http://tinyurl.com/66o9nvk
Edith Macefield, who'd owned the circa 1900 property for decades, refused to sell it to a big corporate developer. So...the jackasses built around her. Edith has since died, but not before becoming a neighborhood pseudo-celebrity.

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On Back to School Clothes

@klibberfish YES! I totally forgot about the EXTRA LONG. those were amazing. I felt like a model in those...while I most certainly didn't look like one. IT'S THE THOUGHT THAT COUNTS.

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On "That vague goatlike smell guys get will remind us of our brother, and you will be sleeping alone."

@NeenerNeener MY THOUGHTS EXACTLY. Jeff Goldblum has been held the number one spot on my Fantasy F*ck List for literally...as long as I can remember/as long as I've participated in the sport. He is. THE ULTIMATE MAN.

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On Back to School Clothes

@Carly I can only assume the Doc Marten fisherman sandals were double soled. ?

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On Back to School Clothes

@Flackette I want that whole look now, sans the baby tee.

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On Back to School Clothes

GAP Long and Lean jeans (light wash, barf), a navy 3/4 sleeve thermal tshirt (what?), and bright white foam sketchers with a double sole. So benign and boring. I've spent the rest of my life trying to make up for it.

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On Amusingly Horrible Things Moms Have Said: The Bracket

"Do you need to wash your face? You need to wash your face." - Every single time I walk into my mother's house.

The best line ever: "...and you have something special for dinner!" In lieu of actual dinner, she thought it'd be appropriate to put a bottle of FatBurner Plus pills on my dinner plate (go Ephedra!). I was 14.

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