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@questingbeast Thank you, for thinking of a response that my tired and work-addled brain couldn't put together. That question...confused me? I mean, I'm an American and I've lived in Ireland for a few years now and I hear variations of it kind of a lot. "Oh, what's it like there with the economy?" Umm...much the same I imagine it is in the States. Some people are getting through it okay, some people aren't. I'm lucky in that I have a great job that gives me 25 vacation days a year - for that reason alone Ireland > America for me. *

*I'm being facetious, internet. Ireland's got issues, but I still prefer it over here.

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Hey, I was wondering: Is it really depressing in America? You know, with all the fundamentalists and unemployed cowboys and having to sell your kidney for a heart bypass and the obesity epidemic, the misery of which no longer alleviated by Man vs Food, and having to wear a stripey top hat all the time? ARE YOU ALL REALLY SAD? P.s. do you have houses? That whole mortgage thing, you all live in tents now right?

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@lessis'more Having now read this and commented on ALL THE COMMENTS I would like to share some thoughts.

On lack of variation and coolness - there are some really cool places to be found - and it's not that hard but they won't be in Temple Bar or Dingle (although I do love Dingle). If you are going out in Dublin there are much more authentically local places along Georges St and Camden St. There is also a little free scheme called http://www.cityofathousandwelcomes.com/ where you can meet and have a coffee/pint with a similar local (who has been vetted by the Gardai) and they can point you in the direction of some fun stuff that is off the beaten path.

On the driving I just want to share one of my favourite memories which is driving down Blarney St in Cork (which is legit not wide enough for 2 way traffic) with 3 friends from the South and having them scream their lungs out because I was going fairly fast and close to other cars. Na yanks - Bíonn siad craiceáilte ar fad, nach mbíonn?

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Edith, I'm so glad you had a good time here (minus the hotel spider). WRT the bestselling book, you may be interested to know that the second one is part of a distressingly long-running series, starting with 'Ma, He Sold Me For A Few Cigarettes'. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Martha-Long/e/B001JOWPB8/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1
I used to work in a bookshop in Dublin and there was endless appetite for this series and all similar ones. In the words of Mrs Doyle 'Maybe I LIKE the misery!'

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We absolutely have lots of hummus. I am Irish and I live in Ireland and my diet is like 40% hummus. And that nightclub seems to be Fitzsimons in TempleBar, by the looks of things. Also I find most of these questions to be totally bizarre? Like, we're just a normal country with normal things! Is the perception different? Are we supposed to be weird or something? *suddenly self-conscious*

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@themmases My experience with the kind of person who goes after me during a fight has been that once it happens, the relationship is over, no matter how great they otherwise are, because I will never really feel safe around them ever again.

Other people might be able to handle that kind of crap better than I can, but really, LW1 doesn't sound like one of them.

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@questingbeast I think that the infuriating number thing (and, it seems, the LW's guy's issue) relates to that weird thing with some guys where they're more concerned about how dating you will look to their peers than how dating you feels to them.

When I was even more foolish than I am now, I had things with guys who honest to goodness were crazy about me, but were so worried that I didn't have the right look to be their gf that they kinda kept it on the DL. (UGH) Contrast: I asked my current guy once if his friends though I was pretty (I KNOW, I'm sorry, why did I ask that?), and his response was like, "Probably? I mean, you are, but why the hell would I care what my friends think about how you look?" So, let's all find sane guys like that instead. No numbers.

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@hollysh Oh honey. I think you def. want to have a look up there at this comment: http://thehairpin.com/2012/06/tens-office-racism-and-a-molehill#comment-339680

The way out is through, and by through, she means "through your issues." If you've cut of access to them, you don't know how happy they are or aren't. If you do know, it's because you're not cut all the way off. If you're hearing through the grape-vine, it's mantra time.

"Uh-huh. I am glad they are doing well. I feel badly about how I ended things, and would rather not talk about that or them. How is your kitchen renovation coming along?"

And when you're having an "argh why am I jealous" moment, you say "It's great they are close and that they are doing well and I didn't do any lasting damage. And I will never, ever, be a jerk like that again. Boy am I lucky I have a great boyfriend now, who I will not take advantage of in that way."

I was just chatting with someone else wherein we came to the conclusion that learning how to live with the fact that we hurt people we care about is one of the sucky parts of being a grown up.

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@redheaded&crazie One of my bros smuggled out this samizdat manifesto, The Girlfriend Archipelago. It's crazy, some people get sentenced to 10, 15, 25-year relationships for things as minor as having really nice teeth.

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LW#4: You are the problem. Leave them alone.
That sounds harsh, but what I mean is you're the one who is upset, not them. You are also the one trying to force them back into your life, when they (fair enough) have no desire for that. You don't have to keep in touch with all your old boyfriends, and all your old friends. And you don't have to like all your friends' friends. Those are ideas for children; you're an adult who can handle these difficult truths.
If you see them, smile and keep walking. Fake like you're fine, and eventually you will be.

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