On What It's Like to Live in Daytona Beach

I'm third generation old-school Daytona. It's a very strange place - extremes of wealth and poverty, natural beauty and abandoned lots, vice and innocence. I've moved since (as did anyone I knew with any ambition or sense of self-preservation), but still have family there. It's depressing and nostalgic and occasionally beautiful.

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On The Best Time a Diva Cup Suctioned Itself to My Cervix

Protip - cut the silicon, if you can do so safely. No more vacuum, no more problem.

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On A Guide to Eating Very Particular Feelings, Part III

So many feelings.

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On Saying No to Juice

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose - Oh, this isn't a isolated incident - this is her lifestyle. I did see her eat an avocado yesterday, so there's that. And she goes to Chipotle on Sundays.

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On Saying No to Juice

Oh, lawdy. My roommate is a smoothie/juice fiend. She also drinks that ridiculous cayenne/lemon cleanse water...because she likes the taste. She wants to be a nutritionist when she grows up, and I think it's going to be a shock when she learns that drinking water and eating solid food are important to health. Save us from unhealthy health nuts.

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On Brain Trouble

I feel ya, sister. All of my sick and vacation time for the year is used. I've done all that I can to improve my health, but some things truly are out of our control. Nasty gossip-mongers assume that I'm lazy and lying, and spew their bile to everyone. If I miss one more day, I lose my job. On a side note, stress exacerbates my condition(s). So much fun.

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

@laurel - We would need many minions and monkeys working morning to midnight crafting links and text (fingertips tap-tapping together in evil glee...). As in, doable, but we need more than just a couple of people interested. Maybe ask at the Open Thread if others are interested? I only know the theory.

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

@Pariah Carey - Roosh is to UTIs and Santorum is to...

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On Explaining "@Horse_ebooks" to a Mom

Looks like the second and third inline links are broken.

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On The Satanic How-To Guide to Exalted Girldom

This is the most positive thing I've ever heard in relation to Spungen.

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