On My Battle With My Big Naturals

Our stories start the same but diverge when I had a reduction my senior year of high school. After having oddly-shaped triple D's since 6th grade, it was a godsend. I wanted to breastfeed too, and tried to - it's not impossible after a reduction - but it just didn't happen. And my formula-fed baby boy is big, strong, healthy as a horse, and completely bonded to me without that joyous time of breastfeeding. I wish I could have given him that. But we are all fine without it, and the last 15 years of my life have been SO MUCH BETTER thanks to that reduction. Yes, they got hugemongous during my pregnancy. But they went back down. And they still have the nice shape that the reduction gave me, even if I'm still a double- to triple-D depending on the bra brand. But I can wear pretty lace bras that I don't have to special order and I feel good in my own skin - something I never felt before my surgery.

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On Romy And Michele Are 45. So Is Heather Mooney.

This is everything. Thank you.

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On Let's Quit Screwing Around Here

@aleanbluezither YES. Agreed. Singing that song like a weakling is no way to behave. As a Fantine-type professional musical theatre performer, I think I may have to take a bathroom break during that number.

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

My husband got my engagement ring (a very pretty, simple band with teeny inset diamonds that matches my mom's) on Black Friday. It was hella cheap and it's stayed beautiful and intact for three years now. Our bands were purchased on amazon for $15 apiece and they're still going strong too. You don't have to break the bank on this stuff, but as a girl that doesn't really like or wear jewelry, I do love looking down at the prettiness on my left hand and being reminded of my super-rad hubby. :)

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On IUDs, or A Detailed Guide to Long-Term Sperm Scarecrows

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your fabulously informative column on the much-maligned IUD! I have recommended them to every birth-control-pill-popping woman I know, and now I have a great one-stop information shop to point them to. I got Mirena when I was 28 and wanted to get off the Ortho so that my husband and I could just pop that IUD out as soon as we wanted to start trying for babies. It was 100% covered by my insurance, totally pain-free (other than 3 seconds of hell during insertion), and totally stopped my periods for the entire time it was in there. HALLELUJAH! Mirena also kept me baby-free and our sexy times worry-free - and when I finally had her taken out I seriously didn't feel a THING. Totally quick and easy, and the greatest bc choice I have ever made. Tell your friends and loved ones! IUDs are where it's AT!

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On How Gel Nail Polish Changed Manicures

I have now gotten no-chips three tries at three different salons and my result has been the same every time: no chips or smears, but the polish PEELS OFF MY NAILS in three days. Are you effing kidding me? Has anyone else had this experience? I'm sticking to home mani/pedis while I watch Downton Abbey from now on.

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On Finance 101: I Need a Puppy

@whateverlolawants We use PetFirst, but I've found comparable rates at a lot of other companies. After watching a friend shell our $7000 surgery for her pup, I'm not taking any chances.

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On Finance 101: I Need a Puppy

Some people may think that Pet Insurance is a rip-off, but we have found it to to be fantastically worth the cost. Yes, I suppose that if we set aside the same amount of money we paid monthly for it, we would probably be in the exact same place - but if (god forbid) our pup got into an accident of some kind or came down with a sad disease, he would be 100% covered. I don't know what shitty companies other people are looking at, but our pet insurance has covered EVERYTHING - annual exams, vaccinations, freaked out vet visits to have some funny lumps tested for cancer... (which FYI, if it HAD been cancer, he would have been 100% covered for those expenses). We pay $30/month for our pup's coverage and I can sleep with the peace of mind that if something bad goes down, we can give him the care he deserves.

Now. On top of that, your expenses are gonna be food. Some toys. A leash. Really not too bad. I have actually been surprised in the last 3 years at how AFFORDABLE a dog is. IMO, as long as you're a responsible owner who can take care of walking your dog yourself and give him all the cuddles he deserves, you are more than ready to adopt.

ALSO: Many shelters will give you FREE training classes if you adopt from them. They also typically take care of spaying/neutering and all of their initial vaccinations. Why anyone would EVER go to a breeder is beyond me. Mutts are healthier in the long run (inbreeding can eff dogs up!) and you'll be saving a life.

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On Inquiring Minds

The book is fine. That is as high a rating as I would give it. Having read tons of other lit about racial issues in college, I would not say that "The Help" is anything new, unique, or thought-provoking. After having friends scream at me for months I finally picked it up, and was thoroughly disappointed in both the book and their taste in literature.*

*However, I liked "Eat, Pray, Love" so what do I know.

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On What It's Like to Get a Breast Reduction

I just created an account to comment on this post too! Woot! The greatest thing my parents have ever done for me was letting me get a reduction at 17. (OK, throwing my wedding was great too!) I also don't think you mentioned that reductions are commonly covered by health insurance. Boo-yeah! I truly wish I could hand out little cards extolling the virtues of a reduction to uncomfortably-large girls I see on the street. It changed my life, and no dude has ever even noticed the scars. :)

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