Bear in human clothing.

On The Natural Beauty and Cosmetics Advocate: Jessa Blades

I'm kinda taken aback by all the snark in here- yikes. I went through a very similar transition about a year ago, when I began researching the types of chemicals used in commercial cosmetics (i.e. everything I was using at the time). I accept the skepticism of people who think it's ridiculous to freak out about shampoo and mascara, but I don't understand why there seems to be so much acceptance of these potentially harmful chemicals in things we put on our bodies every day. "The Body Toxic" by Nena Baker was a great starting point for me in terms of learning what a chemical body burden is, and how it can affect our health.

To each their own, use what works for you. But why so much hate for those who want to use things WITHOUT synthetic foaming agents/preservatives/artificial dyes and fragrances/petroleum biproducts? I find that I have the same arguments with people over buying organic produce- it's not about being "fancy" (though organic food can be expensive), it's about doing what I can to protect my health AND support economies I believe in. I'd prefer that a seller on Etsy (a great source for homemade non-toxic stuff) succeed in favor of Proctor & Gamble for a ton of reasons- a big one being the environment.

Just hoping people can be a bit more open minded in here. I rarely proselytize for my lifestyle, but truly believe that when we know better, we do better.

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On The Scrotum of a Righteous Man

@anachronistique Me too! The word "scrotum" was used regularly in conversation when I was in high school. What a bunch of uptight jerks those kids were! A Friends reference seems pretty tame for the context.

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On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Katharine Hepburn's Trousers

@hungrybee THIRDED! The absolute best autobiography I've read.

As a tomboy child, she was my hero. I HATED skirts, dresses, anything feminine with a passion. But when I saw how awesome, smart, funny, and drop dead glamorous she was- pants and dresses alike, my mind was blown.

I dunno about Spencer Tracy, but from what she wrote about him, it sounds like they had Something Special. Who can know but them?

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On Ask a Clean Person: Green Cleaning Alternatives

@Jolie Kerr Dr. Bronner's makes a product called Sal Suds that is meant for household cleaning: http://www.drbronner.com/DBMS/SAL.htm

Also, just want to mention (sorry) that Mrs. Meyer's products are not necessarily eco- or skin-friendly. I recently checked the labels of a few of their products, which had sulfates in them- not so good. http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_17156.cfm

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On Still Hunting for the Natural Deodorant Holy Grail

I've been using a jasmine grapefruit deodorant spray by Erbaviva (http://www.saffronrouge.com/erbaviva), which works pretty well. It's organic, made with essential oils and grain alcohol (?), so it stings if I've just shaved, but not too horribly. Unfortunately, it's also about $18. I just bought one by Welleda for $8, so we'll see. Btw, do not, I repeat NOT use any deodorant by Hugo's Naturals. I paid like $10 for one at Whole Foods, and spent the next week hoping against hope that no one could smell my BO. Yikes.

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