On I Don't Believe in Ghosts (So How Did the Empty Dog Kennel Break Down Our Door?)

This was great. And my jaw fell when I read your bio because my husband used to play with Patrick in his other (non-Bellflur) project. DC-area comment readers-- go see Bellflur, they are great!

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On The Diary of Opal Whiteley

Nicole! you're killing me with all these New Yorker links I want to read but can't. Excuseme, I have to go ask my mother in law to save all her back copies to give me at Christmas.

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On Real Talk

Wow, crushingly honest and brutal and beautiful. Some of the comments slayed me, too, with similar horrible-childhood stories.

I REALLY want to share this, but then, with whom? Anyone who chooses to read it will do so because they already agree, and as for the others, I always think of the following: "Wow, that link you posted on Facebook totally changed my point of view on that important issue!" Said no one, ever.

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On "Take a Step That Is New..."

yay! I thought you already had some sort of official position? Anyway, I love your pieces and can't wait to see more! Also: post a photo of your adorable girl now and then? please!

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On Beauty Q&A: ID Photos, Gaudy Shoes, and Looking 10 Years Younger

Augh! That lasering comment made me sad for us pale-hairs, whose hair (apparently? according to the laser guy I talked to) lacks enough difference in pigment with the skin for the laser to find and destroy. Or something like that. Are we really just stuck with waxing/depilating/trimming/shaving forever? Have there been advances in laser technology? PLEASE GOD TELL ME I CAN LASER MY PITS AND PUBES BECAUSE IT CAN'T POSSIBLY HURT WORSE THAN A BRAZILIAN WAX AND UNMEDICATED CHILDBIRTH.

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On That New York Times Article About Children and Psychopathy

hours later, and I'm still creeped out and sad. that is all.

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On That New York Times Article About Children and Psychopathy

Just joining the chorus of super-creeped out people over here. Articles like that make me seriously consider whether I could hack it as a parent to a child like that or if I would just try to find a place to send them so that me and my other children could be safe and untraumatized.

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On Back in My Day, A Serving of Wine Was Two Ounces

I was *so sure* that was Cameron Diaz in that first photo. The resemblance is uncanny.

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On On Organ Donation

I thought that having it say so on my license was enough but maybe not? Anyway, now I am on me new state's reguistry list, so thanks Michelle (and Edith)!

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