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On "The Manic Pixie Dream Cut"

@aphrabean YES, DO IT! I look just like my dad and have therefore always thought I'm just masculine-looking, AND I'm nowhere near petite, nor do I have a crazy strong jawline, so even though I've always loved pixies I thought that "I couldn't do it." Then I thought, fuck that--if I'm afraid of it, I should just fucking do it. It's just hair. It grows back. It can't look that bad. I even work with kids, and was SO SURE they'd tell me I look like a boy (they did when I had long hair--kids are brutal). I did two weeks ago, and I've been loving it. And the kids haven't told me I look like a boy. I feel much more hip, and it's so quick and easy to take care of. I started with a sorta shaggy, grown-out type of pixie since I was a little scared. I'll go shorter next time. If you google image search "vanessa hudgens pixie" you'll see my inspiration for a less scary short cut. Also, this tumblr: http://pixie-cropped.tumblr.com/

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On A Month Alone In: Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand

@Steph I made a reeeeeally short stop in Istanbul during a solo backpacking trip this summer (I was there just 3 days! wah!). It's AWESOME. I highly recommend the Mavi Guesthouse Hostel and say just GO GO GO don't be scared! The Hagia Sophia is the most breathtaking man-made thing I've seen.
My mom's been bummed since she heard about the lady killed there, too. She said it makes her feel sick because it's a place I've been. Oooh, moms.

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On Texts From Don Quixote

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On Martin Short Is Great

Right now I'm just feeling like the biggest asshole because, though I'm sure he's a nice enough dude, I CAN'T FUCKING STAND HIM.He is extremely not-funny to me. I didn't know I was the only one! Am I heart/soul-less?

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On On Quickie Weddings and Frustrating Fantasies

@Beatrix Kiddo I think lycopene prolly balances it all out.

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On An Interview With Nutella

@elysian fields
I had a crepe in Paris once that was Nutella, Grand Marnier and banana. OH MY GOD! Just thinking about it makes me jealous of past me! And all the booze trickled to the bottom for a great boozy finish and some dude was doing a marionette Edith Piaf thing in the street while I was eating it. Paris is magic. I think that crepe would be kickass anywhere, though.

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On Beauty Q&A: ID Photos, Gaudy Shoes, and Looking 10 Years Younger

@thebestjasmine My favorite thing about my bad passport photos is that I've had two bad ones now, which is TWENTY YEARS of bad passport photos.

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On Beauty Q&A: ID Photos, Gaudy Shoes, and Looking 10 Years Younger

@realtalk Yep. After a horrendous passport photo that is all chin due to my awful toothless smirky smile that rides up too close to my nose, I've decided to not even try (it is so hard to do a genuine-looking, toothless smile while holding it several seconds til the photo is taken!), and now I just embrace the fact that it will look like a mugshot and kind of look forward to how scary/criminal I turned out in the pic.

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On If You Still Can, Don't Think Too Hard About This One

oooh that sounds kinda doom-y (to me), too!
that album + MRI just sounds really surreal

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On On Second Chances

I think that Dudes Who Think They're a John Cusack Character (like it's a good thing!) are one of the malaises of our society.

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