On Rise of the Planet of the Apes: A Response

@Emma K@twitter yes! every time i see anything about this movie all i can think about is how the faceless chimp lady must feel listening to the commercials for the film while sitting in her hospital room, just going "OH COME ON" and "THIS IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING."

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On The Best Time I Found a Dead Mouse

@sam.i.am yes yes yes! after finding a frog that seriously resembled an amazon tree frog with HUGE EYES in my toilet in south florida at the tender age of 9, frogs are definitely on my "will cause me to freak out like a huge baby if anywhere near them" list.

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On Reading Between the Texts: This Is Not Working

that last one is my life right now. seriously.

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On The Best (?) Time I Toured a Crematorium

@Das Rad yeah, that has to be the next article in this series.

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On Trash Has Never Looked Better

These remind me of those "I Spy" book series where you find certain objects in a whole mish mash of stuff.

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On Give Yourself Feather Hair Extensions

@insouciantlover right?! Why not just take some of those feathers and a few bobby pins, and just stick them where you want them? Or maybe my ridiculously thick hair is making me unable to see the charm in having something puffy semi-permanently in your head.

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On Beauty Q&A: Pack and Travel, Pack and Travel

@martinipie typically my plan of action when i know my suitcase is "slightly" over 50 pounds is to make sure i have a sympathetic looking man weighing my bag at the airport, and when it goes past 50 start visibly getting nervous and looking increasingly pathetic until he just sighs and lets me get away with it. woo gender equality!

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On Bad Sex, Paying for the First Date, and Asking Out Your Barista

I literally just registered to comment on the whole having the guy pay vs. not pay thing. As someone who has been doing the whole okcupid thing for about 6 months now, I definitely think that splitting the check is the best way to do it, and for several reasons:
1. if the date totally sucked, and the guy INSISTS on paying, it's super awkward to accept that with the knowledge that you absolutely never want anything to do with him again
2. if the date was mediocre, and the guy offers to pay but lets you pay your part, it almost creates this unspoken agreement that you both acknowledge the date was lukewarm
3. if the date was awesome, and the guy agrees to split the check, I automatically feel like we are on the same page with Gender Role Expectations and all of that and he gets a major points in my book.

also, I totally believe that if a guy pays for the date, he is definitely expecting something in return, and I personally don't like that kind of pressure put upon me when I am very much capable of paying for myself, thankyouverymuch.

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