By Briony Fields on Driving Across America Giving Free Manicures

I like her camouflage shorts in that picture.

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By angelinha on Where Do Payphones Go When They Die?


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By Spaghettius! on Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

@mannequinhands Right now, the main thing motivating me to bring lunch to work is the fact that what I bring totally beats out (almost) anything anyone can buy around here. So when people walk by and remark on how good my food looks while holding their Subway bags, it motivates me not to go (more) broke buying lunch.
However, if left unsupervised, I would easily eat a bowl o chickpeas or something much less sociall acceptable (jar o kimchi?). If you worked here I would be like "Bowl of chickpeas? Nice!"

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By whizz_dumb on Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

@area@twitter ...and a voyeuristic Chicagoan nearby didn't even admonish her use of ketchup, even though he wanted to.

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By Mae on Six Fairy Tales for the Modern Woman

Once upon a time, a woman with an office job started running and learned that she liked it very much. Then she ran a 5k, and even a half marathon, and no one asked her if she had lost weight, or told her that she didn't need to run because she didn't need to lose weight. The End.

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By mustelid on Time to Find a New Drink

@cherrispryte Bell's also doesn't distribute in MD. They distribute in DC, but it is hard to convince my boyfriend to bring me a 6-pack of Oberon on the train and then his bike to bring home for me. BELLLLLLLL'S

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By Porn Peddler on Time to Find a New Drink

Come at me, Slate. Come at me and pry the hoppy beer from my cold dead hands. God, Slate, you're the worst.

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By par_parenthese on Time to Find a New Drink

I just skipped down to the bottom to say, oh Slate, you and your clickbaiting Titles.

Everything You Believe About This Topic Is Wrong: Here's Why.
This Thing You Like Is Not Actually Likeable: One So-Called Expert Explains.
Something: You're Doing It Wrong.
Want To Ruin Something About This Thing You Like? Keep Doing This Thing You Enjoy.

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By Lily Rowan on Explanations

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By iceberg on There's Now A Word For That Feeling

@fondue with cheddar " people asking me to put their stuff (which I designed in a professional graphic design program) into Word so they can make changes themselves."


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