By j-i-a on If Wes Anderson Did Horror: Watch the Trailer for "The Midnight Coterie of Sinister Intruders"

@Mae i also 90% hate him

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By queenofbithynia on When Friends Have Babies

I’m traveling too much. I’m not writing enough. I can’t figure out where I want to live. They were all luxurious worries, the kinds of things only childless people had time or energy to grind on.

This is obviously, patently untrue, so much so that it feels demeaning to even say so.

As my mother gets daily closer to the inevitable decline and death that awaits us all, I have stopped being so knee-jerkedly offended by this kind of thing for myself as an unchilded person and begun being more and more offended for her as a human person who has now, and never lacked, an essential human self. Selflessness, my christ. That is an insult that I (even I!) will never offer anyone. Mothers do hard work that is boring to many and are kept very physically busy and mentally occupied by it for a period of some years. They are not separate creatures outside the world of lowly human fellowship and they do not make a devil's bargain to stop striving and wanting and thinking with their selves in order that their children may one day do these things.

and you might say, this is about your friend and your own future, nothing to do with my lousy mother who I don't even like very well. But anything about Motherhood is about my mother. I suppose I am feeling the defensiveness towards her that women are only allowed by society and convention to feel for their children, isn't that funny? But this is the worst kind of attack because I don't think it even understands itself to be one.

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By catfoodandhairnets on When Friends Have Babies

Oh yeah and the crying thing is hormones, not brain restructuring. It lasts a week or maybe 2.

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By MmeLibrarian on When Friends Have Babies

The most significant post-baby transformation I experienced was a number of my friends turning into awkward weirdoes because I had a kid. But that was about it. Oh, and being tired for several months on end, which, yeah, could probably be mistaken for softness or emotional vulnerability from the outside. But now that that's going away (and the weirdo friends have either gotten used to my utterly boring decision to have a child or moved on), I'm still me. It's really not all that exciting.

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By Slutface on When Friends Have Babies

"I’m traveling too much. I’m not writing enough. I can’t figure out where I want to live."

Believe it or not, people with children have these same worries.

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By franceschances on Susan Faludi on Facebook Feminism & the Danger of "Individual Women Empowering Themselves by Deserting Other Women"

We're also all reading Flavia Dzodan, right? Excellent (http://www.redlightpolitics.info/)

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By Ameelz123 on The OkCupid Honesty Project: An Exercise in Truth-Telling

i can't help but find this project extremely irritating and not at all thought provoking. We all have flaws, and we're dishonest about them as we're trying to lure significant others, I get it. We're also all to some degree unhappy. In fact, much of her profile writings I can relate to. But Jessica, it seems to me you're unhappy because you're so extremely self-involved. Maybe you should get a dog?

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By laurel on What Is the Worst Possible Job for You?

I don't want to sell anything, buy anything, or process anything as a career. I don't want to sell anything bought or processed, or buy anything sold or processed, or process anything sold, bought, or processed, or repair anything sold, bought, or processed. You know, as a career, I don't want to do that.

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By Megasus on Rich People Not Feeling It ("It" Being Empathy)

Oh yeah, it's not like we have thousands of years of human history to tell us that about rich people, science.

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