Small town dude moves to big city.

On When You're Unemployed

@kellyography That's where I'm at - I got through the first round of interviews, didn't hear back, inquired as to the status of my application and was told the second round of interviews was to start shortly, didn't hear back. Can't tell if this is one of those "prove you want it" things or they just don't want to tell me I'm out of the running.

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On Weekend Roundup

@Ricepaperdress do it

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On 162 New Emoji We Need Right Now

Jia face

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On But What If I Just End Up Stuffing My Vagina With Cool Ranch Doritos


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On "They wanted to blend/ with the woods or ground. Together/ with men they were blown from their pronouns."

Sadly I am not also a bot with something to shill. I was expecting a reference to that most famous of cross-dressing warriors, Joan de Arc, but then I'm no poet. The vagaries of the art are beyond me

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On The Miseducation of Marie Antoinette

And then she was the subject of a subpar film! What a shame.

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On Friday Open Thread

Did I know you were from Texas? I must have. Texas produces the best women.

Today's good because Hannibal's getting a S3, I'm in the running for a pretty good job and I'm going out tomorrow with a woman.

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On Female CEOs Are Almost Always Veterans of Family Crisis

In pro wrestling they call this "hotshotting the title"

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On How Old Is "Old Enough to Complain About Being Old"?

The appropriate age to complain about oldness is the age at which you meet someone who is both younger and more successful than you are. Or was born after the Simpsons debuted.

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On Friday Open Thread

@flashcrash very cool news

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