Small town dude moves to big city.

On Friday Open Thread

@Statham Manhattan in general is a rough place to find grub on a budget, for the most part. When I was short on cash I would head to the 1st ave stop on the L, walk a few blocks south to St. Marks Place, and get a dog and tots at Crif Dog. They do good.

Failing that, figure out which carts the cabbies frequent. Those are the ones to patronize.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lauren_O'Neal *hearts*

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On Friday Open Thread

@Lauren_O'Neal make your own out of essential oils! otherwise http://cbihateperfume.com/shop/2nd-alan-cumming/

Technically it's a "cologne" but smash the scent gender binary imo*

in all seriousness, I love #305 ("Burning Leaves", smells like burning pines, very lovely) and #101 ("At the Beach 1966", what it says on the tin, also very lovely)

* it really does smell like semen and it rules

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On Friday Open Thread

@Danzig! hehe, she's had that picture FOREVER

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On Friday Open Thread

I feel like Matty just said something rude so LON is miffed while Michelle is just chuffed to be there. Also y'alls heads are tiny

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On Who Are You Trying to Convince?: 5 Desperately Upbeat Pop Songs

I feel like going to a strip club to dance would be looked down upon unless you worked there. Like it's not enough to be at a strip club. That's like, going to the Guggenheim to paint. I'm trying to view this Modigliani, get out of the way man

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On Friday Open Thread

End of an era, RIP. ilu LON, ilu Hairpin

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On Last McConaughey Post This Week (??)

I'll be very disappointed if this is the final Matty McC post of the week

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On If They Can't Dance, They Can't Kiss!

I have two school dance memories - the first being showing up early to an 8th grade dance (I had very little to do in those days) and hearing the preppiest dude in the school getting angry that they weren't playing Crazytown's "Butterfly" over the PA. The second was spending the high school after-prom festivities (casino games at the rec center organized by our pious little town to avert the sexual detonations that were to doubtlessly occur) with a friend whose date had stood her up. When she dropped me off at home (she could drive, I couldn't) she told me I was a good person

Then some years later I got back in touch with a friend with whom I had an antagonistic friendship, and was surprised to learn how resentful she was that I had never asked her to prom. I hope I'm more perceptive these days

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On Let's Hold Hands and Talk About the True Detective Finale

@chickpeas akimbo yea, as the link LON posted downthread indicates, Errol wanted to get caught, call attention to the child molester ring that had arguably created him, and transcend the endless cycle of recurrence that Rust articulates through the series.

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