Small town dude moves to big city.

On The Very First Hairpin Q&A

@Alexandra Molotkow See I've heard of that, but is it a real thing?? It seems like it should be! But it's like... pop psych. Honeycomb and the net-fiber flesh of growing mushrooms.

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On The Very First Hairpin Q&A


Honeycombs also really freak me out but people solicit you for honeycombs marginally less often than sex

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No how about YOU shut up Haley

They shoulda gotten a better actor for the boy clones smdh

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On Please Welcome Alexandra Molotkow

Welcome to our quiet little hamlet. btw the astral plane is OUT, the elemental plane of air is IN

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On Two Women and Their Passionate Love For "The Fast and The Furious"

FIRST you make a "Vin Diagram" and I have to go kick a 2x4 in half

THEN you disparage the classic Vin / Russell collab and I have to track down a phone book (in 2015) so that I can rip it in half with my bare hands.

But all the same, let's go Team Speeding To Swans

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Keep us abreast of developments Jazmine

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On Working Girl

Do what you want but I'll be doing MY OWN recasting of Die Hard in the basement

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On Weekend Roundup / Open Thread

Who do you think is more minimal - Mads Mikkelsen or Bill Nighy

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On Damage

I identified so much with this it felt inappropriate. Not so much in the specific circumstance, obviously, but in the relationships between the author and her mother and with herself. I don't think I'll ever forgive my parents for not knowing what to do when I needed them. And I'll never stop wanting to destroy that stupid, stupid child. It isn't fair.

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On 2 Phallic 2 Furious

It's interesting you think the account fake - there are definitely historical accounts of the intrepid diphallic, but you go far back enough (any length beyond living memory, really) and it can be difficult to discern truth from hype. I was reminded of Jean Baptista dos Santos, who had two functioning genital sets, plus a third leg with webbed toes (there's an old-timey NSFW photo! http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-0t7SlhovyAk/UjQ-tTj8CCI/AAAAAAACd8Y/tL6AK3HBxHo/s1600/Juan+Baptista+dos+Santos.jpg ). He too was said to be exceptionally promiscuous and adventurous, as well as highly intelligent and an avid horseback rider, somehow.

You kind of have to wonder in what ways the fervor over these dudes is an expression, however benign, of certain systemic illnesses. You already touched on the biology-as-destiny aspects of the fascination, but the assumption of capability and desire leashed to the flesh is borne out in so many other ways, most obviously with race and disability, ways that form foundations for how we treat people, how social harm in its many forms is expressed. Black bodies being bigger, more voluptuous, more insatiable; asian bodies being smaller and devoid of passion; the elderly as entirely sexless, perhaps remorseful; the disabled being simply invisible. We look at bodies and presume to divine their possibilities, which is such a short way from dictating their realities. If people envy this man with two dicks, how would they regard the quadriplegic, if they do so at all?

Anyhow, is the prevalence of diphallic dudes really .2% of the population, or is that a more general number for variance in the sexual organs in general? That's a lot of dudes

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