Small town dude moves to big city.

On "The hippo who tried to kill me wasn't a stranger." GO ON

For better feelings: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3NueKXS6dk

Or alternately you could revel in the chewing around the 20 second mark, like hydraulic pistons. Bet that girl could crush a VW Bug if she wanted to.

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On Friday Open Thread

@tealily If I remember correctly, a watch or timepiece is the traditional retirement gift, but in terms of more personal gifts... if there's something that they're proud of or they're really invested in, you could give them something significant in that vein. So like you could get an avid fly fisherman a set of antique lures or... something.

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On tUnE-yArDs, "Wait For a Minute"

On a scale of 1-10, how afraid does this make Chuck Klosterman

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On Friday Open Thread

@flashcrash Please do!

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On Friday Open Thread

I love Jia and Emma (and Mallory and Nicole and all my editrixes) but sadly much of my writing sucks too much to be published by anyone other than myself. So I'm writing little things and publishing them myself! It is what they call a "TinyLetter": https://tinyletter.com/JWThompson Subscribe if you want to! Lots of cool people do them now. Charlotte Shane's is a favorite.

One day I will again be struck with an idea worthy of the 'Pin, but until then, I write about teeth, or anonymous love letters, or sleeping, or whatever.

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On Friday Open Thread

@flashcrash I did! I was in a situation much like yours. I moved to New York for grad school, and in short order realized that it was not a great program. The professors were jaded, the other students restless and bored like undergrad freshmen. I felt like the smartest student in all of my classes, sometimes felt like the smartest person in the room.

I decided that I would stick to it, til after one of my classes a prof ushered me into her office and told me that I should leave and go to a better school. I took her advice. I'm in a city I like less now, but a program I like more.

Maybe grad school transfers are uncommon. So what? The thing about grad school is that it is meant to be very directed in a way that undergrad is not. In undergrad you can feel a pretty deep ambivalence, and that can be okay, because it's a time for sorting shit out. But with grad school one's purpose is to plot the trajectory of one's career in a very tangible sense. All of that is to say that you should trust your gut on this. It's been said (and I believe) that you should feel challenged by grad school, even to the point of wondering if you've been let in by mistake. But when it feels like you're punching below your weight class, so to speak, that's a sign you should reevaluate your situation. If you're paying to be in school you shouldn't feel like you're getting short shrift, especially at that level. Apply away, you'll feel better.

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On A Butt Load Means 491 Liters

More outstanding public service from Jia

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On The Milk-Eyed Mender Turns 10

True fact: Ys is better!

What a strange time when it looked like New York was going to be an epicenter of popular folk music again. Not good enough workrate from so many of those guys, I suppose. And what a disaster Devendra turned out to be. You'd think "guy goes to a major label and starts sucking" would be cliche by now, but it happens.

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On Ben & Jerry's Gets 13,000 Flavor Suggestions Every Year

What are the primal forces of ice cream, I wonder. If one were to become a specialist ice cream mage, which primal ice cream school would be denied of you? If I devote my life to sugar, can I not cast cream spells? Very important mechanical implications, here.

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On Talking to Anne Helen Petersen About Leaving Academia for BuzzFeed

@katherine There are a lot of good reasons to excoriate Buzzfeed (taking on a "no haters" editorial policy when deontological journalistic ethics are already shitty enough is what gets me personally) but yeah, none of them are espoused in that OP. Luckily we can ignore it!

I mean, good for AHP. She's a good writer and I hope that Buzzfeed proves worthy of her. There are no jobs that people can be too good to do, only employers that can be unworthy of their staff. Shame on them, tho, that they couldn't invent an editorial position for her. They've got a fucking billion, what's one more?

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