On Building a Better Food Label

@Rock and Roll Ken Doll They are awesome! I don't work for ROC. I used to work for a food/retail workers union and now I work for a public-sector union. I don't think it's actually bc I've worked for unions that I think that workers' rights should be scored higher than animal rights or other things; it's because I want to work for workers' rights that I work for unions.
I think in terms of welfare, the cereal should rank higher than the organic blueberries processed by underpaid workers. Maybe environment should be a separate score.

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On Building a Better Food Label

I also like the idea an the whole, but in terms of welfare, I don't agree that paying Chilean workers a dollar a day for the blueberries merits the same welfare score as the cereal factory where workers are fulltime with benefits. Also, might as well post the Restuarnat Opportunity Center's Guide: A Consumer Guide on the Working Conditions of American Restaurants http://rocunited.org/dinersguide/

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On Vote! Vote!

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On Vote! Vote!

@TheBourneApproximation and everyone: there are a million different organizations to get involved with and through which to get out the vote for your candidates. Here is one: the AFL-CIO's Friends and Neighbors tool. You can log in via Facebook (or not!), match up your friends, call them and a targeted list of voters, and enter what the voter said (supporting Warren or Brown, for example).
An extra bonus is that you get points for matching your friends and for making calls. With 700 points, you can get online ads for Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, etc., to reach 10,000 more voters online. http://fan.workersvoice.org/users/login
Sitting by the sidelines and hoping hoping that your candidate wins is not nearly as satisfying and effective as acutally tlaking to people about voting. To be clear, @TheBourneApproximation, I'm not calling you out. I'm going to call my people in MA tonight!

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On Vote! Vote!

@frigwiggin California has some important ballot measures, notably Prop 30 (millionaires' tax - I'd vote yes yes yes!!) and Prop 32 (no - it claims to take 'special interest' money out of politics, but oddly enough (not oddly) it only applies to unions and not corporations).

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On Reverse Bucket List

-Drive down the highway towing a boat or other very large object.

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On That Gizmodo/OkCupid Story

My boyfriend plays magic. His magic bros are in general pretty great (although some are boring, some are creepy, some are assholes - just like everyone else), but they are all smart. I guess my point is, this lady is terrible and my boyfriend is awesome.

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On The Modern Meanings of Flowers

agreed, but not 'probably.' They just are the best flower.

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