On White Man From Virginia Claims 800 Square Miles of African Desert So Daughter Can Finally Be "A Real Princess"

@brista128 I went through the exact same thought process! I am boggled, to say the least.

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On "Is that all I am ever to do in life—dress myself carefully, put leaves in my hair, and think about the effect?"

Awww I like this kid. And perceptive - knowing her diary will look like "conceited ravings" ("beautifully unhinged").

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On Headlines You'll Be Seeing Now That The Nation Is Run By A Witch Cabal

@Jaya Well I can do next Tuesday

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On The Most Important Video of Our Time

I'd seen gifs from this but not the whole thing! I'm...a little overwhelmed. I'm making the same faces as the people in the background.

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On When You're Unemployed

But Top of the Lake IS better. And I'm not even unemployed yet. Student job about to run out though, so soon, probably!

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On David Sedaris and His Fitbit

What I got out of this is that there are carrion-eating slugs. Carrion-eating slugs?? I had no idea slugs ate things other than plants. Wikipedia says that following a slime trail is "also part of the hunting behaviour of some carnivorous slugs." How does one slug catch up with another slug to eat it?? I thought I was an expert just because I've watched that video of slugs having sex, but apparently I have much to learn.

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On Genitalia Slang From Better Homes and Gardens

I can't even pick a favorite. Reading back issues in doctor's waiting rooms will be so much more entertaining now.

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On Mad Men Season Finale: "The Best Things in Life Are Free"

@BattyRabbit I FORGOT TO ADD omg Meredith your cluelessness makes my sides ache. May you always be so oblivious. I can imagine you sitting at your desk and planning your little speech ahhhhh.

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On Mad Men Season Finale: "The Best Things in Life Are Free"

@Lucienne I think we're supposed to assume he did some leadery things way back in the wayback based on expositional dialogue from other characters in like...season 1. Poor Bert.

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