On What Should I Name My Plant?

It looks like an Echeveria 'Black Prince' so I think it should have some kind of ridiculous male model name - like Fabio or Adonis or Baptiste or Adolpho. Or all of those.

My plants are named:
Love (aloe vera);
the Janices (three separate jade plants that used to be one);
Roberta (rubber tree plant);
Mike, Vyvyan, Neil, and Rik (graptosedums/succulents - I had a lil one named Special Patrol Group but it died);
Topsy (Echeveria 'topsy turvy' I WAS OUT OF IDEAS THAT DAY);
and Jimbles (jellybean plant).

I bought a pothos vine the other day but I haven't named it yet. Bartok maybe??

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On What Should I Name My Plant?

@MissCajlin Thank you for teaching me that there exists such a thing as a DWARF PINK LEMON

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Oh my GOODNESS at the 'real' luxury watches linked to in the article. they have a category on their site for 'Novelties,' one of which includes "18-carat white gold, diamond-set bezel and lugs, glareproofed sapphire crystal and caseback, crown set with a pink cabochon sapphire" and set with "116 brilliant-cut diamonds ; ~0.60 carats." That is *definitely* something that makes me titter over my tea and declare "How novel!" (J/K it actually makes me clutch my chest and panic)

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On Missy Elliot Videos I Have Watched Today Instead of Working, in Order

I thought I was done watching these for today but nope

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On November Horoscopes From Galactic Rabbit

*noiseless crying*

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On Letters to Wednesday Addams

:D :D :D I am so into this! My favorite fictional family, forever.

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On The Worst Parts of Being A Woman/Going for Your Annual

But picturing the defeated and feckless sperm is my FAVORITE part.

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On On clothes, class, anxiety, and the many lies of minimalism

Right next to your comment about this word is an ad for Piper Lime that says "#noteventrying Mastering Effortless Style"
(edited for typo)

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On Sex Manual Returned to New York Public Library 54 Years Past Due Date

Is it smegma??

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On Ask Baba Yaga: Help, I Want All My Friends to Be Forever Friends

I graduated this spring and most of my friends have already gone and now today is my last day at work before I move back in with my parents for the duration of my unemployment, so yes, ow, thank you, Baba.

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