On We Need to Know the Truth About Dental Dams

I have never seen one outside of a health center. I've never had a girl suggest using one (but I wouldn't be offended if that happened, it's totally fine!), and according to a non-scientific survey of my queer friends, they just aren't used.

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On The Prawn-and-Grape Cocktail: Light Lunch or "Gastronomic Atrocity"?

Yes! Thank you! I really needed this today.

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On Why Enigma's "Sadeness" Could Never Exist Today

@dracula's ghost Yes!!! That was *the song* of 1994. I remember that being the song they played at the Mother-Daughter fashion show on My So Called Life. Sweet, delicious nostalgia.

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On Happy Hour: Portugal for Two

I like my men like I like my coffee: I don't like coffee. (bit of a lezzer)

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