On Beauty Q&A: Shells, Bra Purses, and The Next New 'Do

LW4 - If you want to crochet something, this is a super quick pattern for a slouch hat: http://www.gleefulthings.com/blog/?p=3258. It's fairly cute and took me only a few hours. Also, I highly recommend ravelry.com if you're looking for crochet hat patterns. Some are very cute!

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On Girls, "Girls," and Women

I hate being called a "girl". This goes back to my first job outside of college where I shared an office with two other women. It was attached, but not in, the communal kitchen for my office. The kitchen, shared by like 30 people, was generally a mess. One of my male coworkers would constantly say (in a thick Russian accent), "Girls, you must keep the kitchen clean!". Just the way he said it, with the expectation that it was OUR job to clean the communal kitchen, drove me nuts. He also informed us later that it should be a girlfriend's responsibility to cook for her boyfriend every night. No lie.

Since that year of hell working in the kitchen (and being constantly told to clean it), I've HATED being called a girl. Especially at work and in a professional context.

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